Local astrologer predicts what 2011 will bring

W.Va. astrologer says work on your relationships and welcome back your money next year

December 29, 2010|BY TIFFANY ARNOLD |
  • For the past 30 years, West Virginia astrologer Jeanne Mozier, left, has used the position of stars and planets to forecast trends here on Earth.
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To ask a local astrologer to lay out predictions for 2011 is to ask for a quick lesson in how to read the sky.

Will we find true love?

That depends on what planet aligns with Libra, the Zodiac sign of relationships. And if that planet is Saturn? Man. It might have you second-guessing your relationship's status.

But what about riches, good health?

These are the questions Berkeley Springs, W.Va., astrologer Jeanne Mozier has been addressing for more than 30 years — especially when a new year is on the horizon.

Mozier, who helps coordinate the Festival of Light, a two-day psychic fair and alternative-healing expo in November in Berkeley Springs, is an astrologer. Her crystal ball is the sky. She derives predictions noting the way planets align with signs of the Zodiac. Then she compares astrological alignments against what happened the last time the stars and planets crossed paths.

It helps that she has a background in hard-data trends research to draw from. She matriculated in political and historical research at Cornell and Columbia universities and has worked for the federal government.

Lately, Mozier has been giving presentations throughout the Tri-State region in which she forecasts 2011 trends.

"The cycle of Uranus, which starts this year, will define the 21st-century life," Mozier said. "Lots of innovative, inventive ideas will be pouring out, particularly in the spring. Then people will start grounding some of these ideas and making them real."

Here's the rest of the outlook as Mozier sees it:


April through July will be a preview period for a 14-year cycle that starts in 2012 that emphasizes the connection and impact of mental and spiritual health to the physical body, Mozier said.


Saturn is in Libra, the sign of relationships, Mozier said.

"Saturn is the planet that says, ‘Learn lessons here,'" Mozier said. "And so that's, in essence, what's happening across the board."

People will be questioning the structure of relationships, Mozier said. Expect continuing dialogue around whether the institution of marriage is dead, further debates around gay marriage.


Starting in early June, people are going to feel like their wealth is increasing, Mozier said.

"That means that they're going to be willing to spend the money — which is a good thing for all those folks who've been waiting to sell their house or waiting for the real estate market to at least raise itself from the grave." Mozier said. "It will never go back to being the speculative frenzy that it was at the beginning of this decade."

On a broader scale, the United States will continue to face the transformation of its financial structure, a cycle Mozier predicts will last through 2024.


People willing to multitask have an advantage. It's also a good year to start your own business, Mozier said.

"Anyone who believes they're going to get a job that provides them with everything for the rest of their lives is living in a world that will never come back again," Mozier said.


The alignment of Neptune and Pisces will have an impact on technology, Mozier said. She forecasts a movement toward universal platforms and the popularization of virtual reality.

"(Virtual reality) has its strengths and some really frightening weaknesses," Mozier said.

Chiefly, that weakness is escapism.

"People will be choosing various avenues of escape, from the traditional drugs and alcohol to losing themselves in the game world," Mozier said.

She said on a symbolic level, the recently released film "Tron: Legacy" will epitomize many of the trends this year.

"It's like, 'OK, here we are, sucked into the computer reality,'" Mozier said. "The creatures are programs and human beings are something totally different."

Astrology cheat sheet

  • One cycle — The period of time required for a celestial body to pass through all 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • Jupiter — Associated with wealth, and, as Mozier puts it, the "sugardaddy" of astrology. Cycle: 12 years.
  • Neptune — Associated with lack of boundaries. Cycle: 146 years.
  • Outer planets —  The celestial bodies of the Solar System, i.e., Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Mozier counts Pluto as a planet). Mozier uses these to predict long-term trends.
  • Pluto — Associated with transformation, down to the molecular level. Cycle: Varies, roughly 230 years
  • Saturn — Associated with structure and form. Cycle: 29 years.
  • Uranus — Associated with innovation, radicalism. Cycle: 84 years

— Provided by astrologer Jeanne Mozier

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