Letters to the Editor - Dec. 29

December 28, 2010

Robocall diverted attention from real issues

To the editor:

Let it be known that the typical rhetoric from Republicans at all levels amounts to garbage and the leaders of the Washington County Republican Central Committee are shoveling it pretty well.

"Seeing the dearth of local candidates the Democrats put forward this year, it did not appear their central committee was very active. If only they would apply their current prosecutorial-seeking energies toward candidate recruitment, we could have more robust election seasons around here." This is how Randy Buchman the WCRCC's 2011 chairman, attempted to blame someone else for their garbage in his letter to the editor ("GOP Central Committee chairman weighs in on robocall," Sunday, Dec. 19, page A9). 

What does the amount of candidates from the Democratic side of the political aisle have to do with a group of the inner circle of politics in Washington County making false or misleading claims against former Washington County Commissioner Kristin B. Aleshire?


Apparently, even local Republicans follow the "game plan" of their national counterparts like George W. Bush and try to divert the voters attention away from the real issue. Anyone remember going to war with Iraq instead of concentrating on Afghanistan?

I hope that the WCRCC and Mr. Buchman spend as much time trying to find out who smeared their committee's name as they are spending on blaming Democrats for a lack of candidates and a robocall (I mean robust) election.

Donnie Souders Jr.


Money for school employees wasn't a bonus

To the editor:

The Dec. 15 edition of The Herald-Mail included a story with the headline, "School employees to receive $500 Christmas Eve bonus" (page A3).

That headline erroneously labels a one-time stipend to settle a contract that's been at impasse. The settlement, which will be taxed, is an attempt to help Washington County Public Schools employees recoup funds that they are losing due to the board's unilateral change in health care premiums, coverage and deductibles.

Washington County Public Schools employees do not receive financial "bonuses." On a daily basis, teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators work with the youths of Washington County. Our rewards, or bonuses, can never be measured in dollars. Student success, growth and development are the rewards. Those moments truly are priceless.

To report that WCPS employees are getting a Christmas bonus is unfair and inaccurate.

Neil Becker


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