Washington County deed transfers for November

December 27, 2010

Deed transfers for November 2010 in Washington County:

Tonya L. Williams Et Al, 15501 Clear Spring Road, Williamsport, to Michael F. and Kayla R. Hobbs, for $165,000.

ARC of Washington County Inc., 17614 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Allegany Business Consulting Inc., for $125,000.

ARC of Washington County Inc., 17612 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Allegany Business Consulting Inc., for $125,000.

William L. and Janet K. Tritapoe, 244 Center St., Boonsboro, to Phyllis M. Brusky, for $199,000.

Stephen V. and Susan L. Ott, 1012 View St., Hagerstown, to David R. and Leidy Yaneth Alvord, for $150,000.

Robert N. Stottlemyer, 16725 Buford Drive, Williamsport, to Douglas W. and Janis I. Peacher, for $182,000.

Larry E. and Candy C. Munson, 858 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Keith M. Foxworthy, for $129,900.

Coblentz Development Corp., 17590 Breccia Way, Hagerstown, to Truong Nguyen and Thanh Doan for $155,000.

Craig J. and Rachel S. O’Connor, 13035 Gordon Circle, Hagerstown, to Mark T. and Allison N. Hartshorn, for $255,000.

Gideon Properties LLC, 630 Northern Ave., Hagerstown, to Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald, for $121,000.

Ewald M. Wondrak, 2371 Harpers Ferry Road, Sharpsburg, to Danny L. Jr. and Amber N. Rippeon, for $165,000.

Maurice Wayne Fitzgerald, 108-110 E. Irvin Ave., Hagerstown, to Elizabeth D. Fisher Family Limited Partnership, for $139,900.

Herbert E. and Edda R. Brenneman, 107 Grove Lane, Boonsboro, to Vernon E. and Jessica M. Wachter, for $215,000.

Lisa R. Linthicum, 127 Eagles Ridge, Smithsburg, to Tsuyako and Vincent J. Cogswell, for $179,900.

Equity Homes LLC, Black Rock Road, Hagerstown, to Henry T II and Norma D.Z.  Heaton, for $15,820.

Hazel Irene Carpenter, 320 Belview Ave., Hagerstown, to Elinor P. Wilkinson Trust, for $105,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 18025 Cavalier Court, Hagerstown, to Brenton Decker, for $235,745.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12950 Nittany Lion Circle, Hagerstown, to Chad A. and Terra N. Bennett, for $245,000.

Mario Paulo Martinelli, 501 Fair Meadows Blvd., Hagerstown, to Omar G. De Oliveira, for $260,000.

Brian L. and Theresa A. Baker, 18117 Lyles Drive, Hagerstown, to Richard R. and Lindsey Roberts, for $205,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 9437 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $174,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 18422 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $174,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 18421 Misty Field Drive, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $174,000.

DRB Financial Corporation, 18415 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to Angela N. Michael, for $301,905.

NVR Inc., 9556 Dumbarton Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey A. and Kathryn Skowronski, for $288,015.

NVR Inc., 18206 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Arleen Adassa and Corwin M. Parker, for $275,170.

Westfields Investment LLC, 9421 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $58,000.

Jeffrey C. Stine, 13147 Indian Springs Road, Big Pool, to Eldwin D. and Janelle L. Martin, for $238,000.
Barbara J. Ward and Patricia L. Beck, 1316 The Terrace, Hagerstown, to Mark and Donna Orwig, for $159,000.

Christopher L. Kuhn, 11002 Eastwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Dixon and Elizabeth Rwakasyaguri, for $293,000.

Randall and Andrea Nickels, 106 Rebecca’s Court, Smithsburg, to Steven Kim and Tonya M. Waldron, for $210,000.

Leroy Allan Lynn, 11028 McCoy’s Ferry Road, Clear Spring, to Jennifer E. Latchford, for $115,000.

Dewey Jordan Inc., 14418 Water Company Road, Cascade, to Lynne M. Smith, for $125,000.

Woodbridge Homes LLC, 11403 Woodbridge Court, Hagerstown, to Fraser Kennedy and Pamela Anne Logan, for $292,987.

DRB Financial Corp., 18410 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to James P. Jr. and Mary K. Goodman, for $255,000.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12940 Yellow Jacket Road, Hagerstown, to Aaron R. and Kristina S. Hykes, for $168,236.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12914 Nittany Lion Circle, Hagerstown, to Islam Lomedze Et Al, for $228,150.

Beazer Homes Corp., 12936 Yellow Jacket Road, Hagerstown, to Rebecca M. Hammarlund, for $163,040.

Connie L. Pratt, 19134 Shepherdstown Pike, Keedysville, to Sydney L. and Joycelyn B. Machat, for $90,000.

Charles W. Foltz, 226 Jefferson St., Hagerstown, to Dorren M. Douglas, for $125,000.

DR Horton Inc., 1016 Brill Way, Hagerstown, to Kheyraddin and Nazira Yakhuzov, for $240,340.

Edward R. and Mary Sierzega, 13858 Emerson Drive, Hagerstown, to Galen L. and Anne M. Steele, for $395,000.

Eugene S. Albert Jr., 11809 Partridge Trail, Hagerstown, to Azeddine Lasfar and Tammi S. Jenkins for $159,000.

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