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Letters to the Editor - Dec. 24

December 23, 2010

Joy is all around us at Christmastime

To the editor:

It's the most wonderful time of the year. A time to be reminded once again of what is so true for all time, that our God is Emmanuel, God with us.

Yes, we are family. A family dearly loved, protected and cared for. A family that had its beginning in a stable in Bethlehem oh so many years ago.

A story so beautiful: Shepherds and wise men all surprised beyond their wildest dreams as angels sang and a star led them to the place where the baby Jesus lay. Yes, our God is not only Emmanuel, God with us, but he is named Jesus, for He will save His people from their sin. 


Can you grasp the awesome reality of this yuletide celebration? God with us. God saving us. God embracing us and all humanity with his love, mercy and forgiveness. God calling us together as family.

Yes, it's joy to the world for our Lord has come, is present and is coming for all time.

As we celebrate with family, friends and all God's children, especially the least of them, those who suffer and struggle in this world, we share the joy of the Christ Child's presence among us.

Merry Christmas.

Doris J. Doub



Music is important to our community

To the editor:

A musical art form was rendered by Hagerstown Choral Arts at Trinity Lutheran Church with the singing of  "Messiah."

This performance, in my humble opinion, was the best we've ever done it. We were so glad to have 30 young people from the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts singing with us. They enhanced and added so very much to our performance. We think they enjoyed being there, too.

I've been talking with our director, Greg Shook, and some committee members about making plans to perform in our sister city of Wesel, Germany, in 2012. I hope this will become a reality. What an awesome experience this would be for us. I think it would be good for both cities as we seek different ways we can relate to each other.

The Dec. 11 and 12 performances of "Messiah" by Hagerstown Choral Arts and also being part of the spontaneous singing of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" at Valley Mall and singing with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra for its "Home for the Holidays" concert on Dec. 18 and 19 were all great experiences for me and I think everyone in our community.

Our Hagerstown Choral Arts group is a nonprofit organization with limited funds to grow. So if anyone would like to donate to our musical art form and have a lasting legacy in your name, call me at 301-797-9311. This can be done legally with the complete transparency of our organization.

I'm thinking about the Singer legacy connected with the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, which is still enjoyed by all and is still growing year after year.

Music is so important to me and I think our community as well.

Jack Myers



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