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Letters to the Editor - Dec. 21

December 21, 2010

Reforms needed to bring more jobs to W.Va.

To the editor:

The forthcoming Macy’s distribution center in Berkeley County, W.Va., is a success story.

This new 1,900-employee job source also is a coup for the Berkeley County Development Authority and a testament to its persuasive skills, expertise and perseverance.

This is especially true since West Virginia usually sends potential employers, as well as 50 percent of our Berkeley County working adults, running into the arms of other states.

And therein is the dark side of this story.

Employers mean jobs for you and me, but West Virginia’s anti-job growth taxation of personal property and equipment makes it a hard sell to convince businesses to come to and grow in West Virginia.

Adding to this travesty is West Virginia’s current ranking as the third worst legal system in the United States.

Simply put: Major reform is needed of West Virginia’s laws and constitution to provide more jobs and prosperity for all of us.

Del. Larry D. Kump
District 52
West Virginia House of Delegates
Falling Waters, W.Va.

A time to contemplate the origins of Jesus, Mary

To the editor:

“Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.”

These words of William Wordsworth were written to honor Mary, the biological mother of Jesus Christ.

In these days before the traditional celebration of His birthday, it might be good to contemplate the origins of the Man and the young Lady, who made it all possible.

The angel Gabriel asked Mary if she would consent to be the mother of the Savior. After asking how she could give birth “not having known a man,” Gabriel told her that the Holy Spirit would enkindle the child within her. Overwhelmed and not understanding, she still said yes, knowing only that she was being “blessed among women.”

She did indeed give birth to this child. The child was completely of her flesh because she was the only source of his human form. She knew every beat of his heart before the birth. She also stood at the foot of the cross on which he was crucified and heard his last breath. When taken down from that cross, she held his lifeless body and grieved as any mother would.

This simple Lady has been the object of much speculation and debate. The above facts, however, will never change.

This Lady is indeed an individual to be honored, not “worshiped or adored” — a tragic misconception — and as the Mother of Jesus can be asked to intercede and “request” the graces and help for the worthy causes that we all need. This exemplary Son has “never been known” to deny His Mother anything, particularly the prayers of those who honor His Beloved Mother by asking for Her help.

If we would ask our best friend for a favor and at the same time ask their beloved mother to put in a good word for us, is it inconceivable that the friend would not be influenced by our asking the source of their humanity?

Harold Edward Wills

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