Progress made in CASD teacher negotiations

December 21, 2010|By C.J. LOVELACE | Staff Correspondent

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Negotiators put in more than a full day's work as the Chambersburg Area School Board and its teachers union reconvened at the bargaining table Tuesday morning.

Sylvia Rockwood, a spokesperson for the district, released a statement on behalf of both parties Tuesday evening saying they "were able to make progress on several issues" during the nine-hour meeting.

However, leaders on both sides are not talking about specifics or releasing further information.

Norm Blowers, president of the school board, and Dave Snyder, president of the Chambersburg Area Education Association, declined to elaborate beyond Rockwood's brief statement when reached Tuesday evening.

"We kind of agreed that was all we were going to say," Snyder said, adding that Tuesday's meeting ended with an agreement to release a joint statement to the public.

Rockwood confirmed Snyder's statement, saying it was a "joint decision."

"We just wanted to let everybody know that progress is being made," Rockwood said.

Terms on salary and benefits remain the major sticking points for the board.

The next bargaining session for negotiations is scheduled for Jan. 10.

By a unanimous vote, the school board Monday afternoon again rejected the state's third-party fact-finding report on the two sides' latest proposal.

On Friday, the CAEA, which approved the fact-finding reports by an "overwhelming majority," authorized association leadership to strike if a settlement cannot be reached by both parties.

On Thursday, the board postponed the 9-0 vote to again reject the fact-finding report, citing a need for a list of cuts that would need to be made if it were to accept the report.

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