Acquaintance charged with attempted homicide in attack in St. Thomas, Pa., home

December 21, 2010

ST. THOMAS, Pa. — A Chambersburg, Pa., man has been charged with attacking an old acquaintance in his St. Thomas home, threatening the man's mother with a knife and robbing her, Pennsylvania State Police said Tuesday.

David Dalton Garner, 24, of Chambersburg, remained at large Tuesday. State police charged Garner in warrants with attempted homicide, four counts of robbery, and two counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault, theft and unlawful restraint, police said.

At about 2:30 p.m. Monday, Garner went to the home of Micah Eugene McGowan, 25, whose address was not released, and knocked on the door, police said. The two had been friends through grade school, but had not seen each other in a while, police said.

Police said they were told that Garner got a drink of water and was behaving strangely when he hit McGowan on the head with a bathroom scale. McGowan was stabbed in the head, tied up and a plastic bag was put over his head, police said.

The intruder was choking McGowan and demanding to know where he kept his valuables when McGowan's mother, Mary E. McGowan, 54, came home, police said. She was threatened with a knife and tied up, police said.

Her money and credit cards were taken and she was forced to write a check before the intruder left in her black 2008 Subaru Outback, police said.

The mother took her son to Chambersburg Hospital for treatment.

Garner was paroled earlier Monday from Franklin County Jail, where he had been serving a sentence since March 31 on charges of inhaling illegal solvents, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and receiving stolen property, a spokeswoman at the jail said.

Chambersburg Hospital said there was no information available about Micah McGowan.

The license plate on the Subaru is FCG-0481, police said. The state police request that anyone who sees the vehicle or has information about Garner call them at 717-264-5161.

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