Mail Call - Dec. 21

December 20, 2010

“To the Waynesboro caller who was wondering why the credit cards had been canceled: They said they chose to opt out of the higher interest rate, so if you chose, choose to opt out, that means you don’t agree to the credit card’s new terms, so they’re gonna cancel you if you don’t agree with what they want to do. That’s why they closed you — if I’m understanding you correctly.” — Hagerstown

“For those complaining about the so-called tax cuts for the rich, here are the facts. The top 25 percent of taxpayers pay 86 percent of all federal income taxes. The tax rate on the rich is already 3 1/2 times higher than a majority of taxpayers. Half of all American households pay no federal income tax. That’s a shame. Everybody ought to pay at least a little into the system. Liberals just love the Robin Hood economics and tax system now in place.” — Williamsport

“Well, it’s wintertime, so here comes the righties with their jokes about global warming, because of all the snow. Well, listen to me ... A lot of the snow is because of global warming. The moisture; the oceans are warmer, they collect more moisture, ergo, you have a lot more snow. Just because you don’t want to believe in something doesn’t make it ... not true. Why is that people on the right always gotta make fun of something they don’t understand? Course, I guess you gotta graduate first.” — Hagerstown

“I’d like to say that I think the Washington County Hospital has a lot of history to it. I think people need to stop and think. ... That building does have a lot of memories for me and I would like for it — I think they should make it into a place for people who has drugs and alcohol problems, or a — and also a place for the teenagers to go, so they’re not out running the streets all night.” — Hagerstown

“Please do not build senior citizens building at college. Had an appointment at Robinwood Medical Center at 8 a.m., and found Eastern Boulevard, Dual Highway and Mount Aetna roads jam-packed. Hope I never have to make an emergency trip out to new medical center. It takes forever from across town. ... Also, is that a new school or a resort building on Aetna Road? Concerning the robocall, this town is ... where else could you be arrested for DUI and other traffic violations and retain your job?” — Hagerstown

“In regards to the handgun-permitting proposal shot down by state lawmakers, the Second Amendment gave us the right to bear arms, and there’s no government agency that can take that right away. It’s what this country was founded on. I will carry a firearm when and where I want to in this country. Have a great day.” — Clear Spring

“I am just totally amazed. A thief is a thief. We have two people that was arrested for stealing blue jeans, and they are gonna get more time than two people that stole money as caretakers from blind people, and then we have another caretaker that stole money, repaid it, they found ... less time. I’m just totally amazed. A thief is a thief. Where is our law?” — Boonsboro

“You younger people, take a look at the obituaries sometime. Us older people always look at them. See what these people did for our community. A lot of them did great service, and someday you’ll be there.” — Brightwood Acres East

“Why do the Republicans blame the Democrats, the Democrats blame the Republicans? I am a Republican, and I sure as heck don’t like Sarah Palin or her daughter, so what’s that make me? Am I on the fence post?” — Williamsport

“Voters, Bartlett did it again — voted ‘no’ for the stimulus package for senior citizens, Social Security. Who voted him in there anyway, and what does he ever do for the old people? He doesn’t do anything for us. I wish he was impeached, and not only that, he’s on Social Security also, so why did he vote for us not to get this money?” — Clear Spring

“I’m calling about Christmas cards I sent out. I sent them Saturday, and they were to Alaska and New Jersey and to a relative, and this morning when I opened up the door, the envelopes were torn open and the Christmas cards were there, and the gum band I had around them was the same one that I had around them when I mailed them. I don’t think it’s nice for people to do that, when prices ... like the price of stamps and all, and it hurts because they were to relatives.” — Washington County

“The state of Maryland is in a budgetary crisis. There have been cuts across the board in many, many, many, many, many state agencies. ... They are the teachers and the corrections departments. There need to be cuts made in this department. There is so much fat in both departments that it is ridiculous. They need to ... cut these two programs. Everybody else suffers; they should, too.” — Halfway

“I would like to take a moment at this Christmastime to thank the Breast Cancer Awareness of Cumberland Valley, for all the generosity, kindness and support they have shown me over the last several years. Their dedication and mission to the people that they serve is beyond reproach.” — Boonsboro

“President Obama’s backing of the tax-extension bill has a certain selfish ring to it. Doesn’t it apply to him? Doesn’t he make over $250,000? Isn’t the extension actually going to benefit the president, too? I don’t doubt his motives. I don’t think he’s thinking of himself in this case. I think he’s thinking of a lot of people who make $250,000, the superwealthy. I don’t question the president’s motives. It’s just kind of a curious quirk of thought.” — Smithsburg  

“Hagerstown caller, do you realize you’ve proven that not only do you not know the difference between a tax cut and keeping the current rates in place, but you apparently don’t know that the rates are already highly ‘progressive,’ since the top bracket pays at a rate over three times higher than the lowest bracket? And as an actual die-hard conservative Republican for a family ... I’m very amused and highly suspicious that you, who also claim to be a die-hard Republican ... actually think raising taxes on the supposed rich will really get the economy going.” — Frederick, Md.

“This goes to the Hagerstown caller, following me with my taillight out. See, that’s what makes me mad. I was the one who got the ticket, you’re talking on the phone, no headlights on. You know, if I didn’t turn my headlights on, they wouldn’t have known my taillight was out. So what do I do? I guess I go home and take it out on the dog.” — Hagerstown

“The liberals who are in charge of the government do not want a strong U.S. economy because when we have a strong economy, we the people are no longer dependent on the government, and they cannot control our lives. Think about it.” — Sharpsburg

“I can’t understand why all these people are calling in to Mail Call and blaming President Obama for $3-a-gallon gas. I can remember when Mr. Bush was in office, gas was over $4 a gallon.” — Williamsport

“I would like to know what it’s like to hide from someone, day in and day out, but you can — may think they’re hiding, but you can see them in back of the house where I live, and I live on Crystal Falls Drive.” — Washington County

“Hey, this is to Boonsboro caller in Wednesday’s paper. Are you really that unknowledgable? They do celebrate their holidays in December, and they are on the calendar, and by the way, when did New Year’s come in December? Let me know, because I always thought it was Jan. 1 there, Boonsboro. Check your memory there. Go back to school.” — Hagerstown

“The Washington County Hospital is gone. We now have a new one. Now let’s see how quick all those parking meters will disappear in and around that hospital. The city’s made a lot of money off of people’s sorrows. There are no longer patients in that building, so let’s get rid of those parking meters.” — Hagerstown

“Why doesn’t the City of Hagerstown go ahead and raise the tax rate and get it over with? As a property owner in the city limits, I would be willing to pay a higher tax base if it didn’t include a raise for the city administrator.” — Hagerstown

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