Mail Call - Dec. 20

December 20, 2010

“OK, Smithsburg caller and Waynesboro caller, I am the one from Waynesboro who said that — I didn’t say ‘they,’ I specifically said Sen. Hoyer of Maryland — wanted to — his desire, his suggestion — to freeze the military’s pay. Now, I was looking at TV and I heard this gentleman say this on Dec. 3, unless he has a double. So why don’t you people get your facts straight? I don’t know who ... I said Sen. Hoyer. As far as what President Obama says, I pay no more attention to (that) than flies through the air.” — Waynesboro, Pa.

“I want to thank the kind young man who directed me to turn my car around when I slid on the ice on Route 64 on Friday. Also, thanks to the drivers who waited until I was off 64.” — Hagerstown

“Has anyone considered about the Washington County medical health center foundation or Antietam Health Services, donate that hospital to the state of Maryland? Let them close down the Western Maryland Hospital and move that over there, and the excess beds, contract them out by the state of Maryland to other places, for convalescent and critical care, also long-term disability.” — Leitersburg

“I know someone who gets Social Security disability because he claims he cannot work. He bought a big boat and a four-wheeler, and spends his days on out-of-town trips, hunting and fishing, and on other vacations. Who do I report this abuse of the Social Security disability system to?” — Smithsburg

“This is to the person who wrote in about people putting flowers on graves, that they should give to a charity. Well, maybe they do. And I really don’t think it is any of your business what people do with their money. That’s what’s wrong with this place anymore, people putting their nose where it doesn’t belong. This is called respect for their loved ones.” — Williamsport

“I was glad to see that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton both agreed to George Bush’s tax cuts for everybody, and not just the wealthy. And also no increases like Clinton had, that ruined this country.” — Boonsboro

“Why do these girls volleyball teams have to wear such short, tight uniforms?” — Hagerstown

“I want to warn others about what appears to be an attempt to get around the Do Not Call list. I got a robocall from a local water company offering free water testing. Since I’ve never done business with them, this call would be a violation of the ‘don’t call’ list, but they claimed it was a ‘public service announcement.’ But when I got these offers before the ‘don’t call’ list took effect, it was always a ploy to convince you your water was impure and you needed to buy their product.” — Frederick, Md.

“Let’s turn the old hospital building into a retail outlet, a large shopping mall. A VA hospital or some kind of downtown personal clinic would be grand, but let’s face it, government would have to pay for those uses and we don’t want our taxes raised.” — Washington County

“To Hagerstown, saying the Republicans are telling ‘all those lies’: Let’s review the Democrats. Bipartisan — lie; transparency — lie; will be on C-SPAN — lie. Then there is the report of thousands of jobs created in a nonexistent district. How about them saying the majority of the people want this, and the polls show 66 percent to 80 percent of the people don’t want it? Then there is the corruption of buying votes with taxpayer dollars, to force a bill on the U.S. citizens.” — Rohrersville

“I live on Woodpoint Avenue, and people drive up and down this road like crazy. Please slow down. Please slow down. There are animals and there are children that go up and down this street. There was already a few animals hit, and nobody stopped.” — Hagerstown

“I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Mount Lena.” — Mount Lena

“I was responding to the lady who had her credit card canceled. Real simple explanation: The banks got a loan from the taxpayers, which is us, and now the banks have made a profit and then returned the money to the government. So now that they made a profit off us, the taxpayers’ money, now they’re going to (pass it on) to customers. Real simple. So they just cancel your credit cards and say sorry, too bad, you’re out of luck.” — Fayetteville, Pa.

“To last week’s caller who said that George Bush started Medicare Advantage, but yet that President Obama’s health care was not ... stuffed down our throats: Well, No. 1, Medicare Advantage helped a lot of seniors, and they got a lot of benefits, and it wasn’t that costly. No.1, it wasn’t forced down their throat. They didn’t have to take it, but for those who did take it, they were very happy with it, but this president wants to take it away, which is against the law, unconstitutional, and when you tell somebody they’re going to be jailed if they don’t buy something, I’m sorry, that’s against the law.” — Waynesboro, Pa.

“I’m calling about the bike lane on Route 40 at Edgewood Drive. It’s located between two moving lanes of vehicles. I certainly wouldn’t want to ride there. It’s just absolutely too dangerous; poor design, needs to be rethought. Let’s do this thing right. Let’s don’t injure any bike riders.”  — Boonsboro

“Snow on the ground, snow on the ground, look like a fool with cars going around.”  — Hagerstown

“Please, please, please explain to me how the City of Hagerstown, with the financial troubles they have right now, are even considering buying the old CVS building, especially for a cost of $220,000. You can’t tell me that those funds can’t be used in a better way to help to financially stabilize the economy of the City of Hagerstown.”  — Sharpsburg

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