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December 20, 2010
  • Susie Hoffman
Susie Hoffman

A poem for Christmas
’Twas just days before Christmas and all through our town,
lights are twinkling in windows and snow covers the ground.
The houses are filled with the holiday cheer
and children await as St. Nicholas nears.
Decorations fill our homes and carols float through the air.
Cookies are made, enough to be shared.
Wrap all the presents and mail out the cards,
Christmas is upon us, it’s really not that hard.
To share the good tidings and sincere Christmas cheer.
Send it out to your loved ones, those far and those near.
Traditions are those times that we cherish and hold dear,
those moments today of memories made so clear.
I sometimes wonder and ponder, it’s true.
Do we remember the reason for all the to-do?
It’s not about reindeer and sleighs in the sky,
it’s not about presents and baked pumpkin pie.
I adore all the lights and the boughs oh so green,
but put these aside and what does Christmas mean?
 All of this hoopla and money and craze
started way back in the Bethlehem days.
A small child brought into this world for a cause
He is the start, not good old Santa Claus.
A baby brought hope and a promise to redeem
A world full of hatred and lost souls it would seem.
His mother would hold him and look into his face
Knowing full well that miracle that took place.
She would raise him and love him and give him her heart
She would feed him and clothe him and this was the start.
The start of salvation, the reason for praise
for the birth of the Christ child on holy Christmas Day.
So open your present on this Christmas morn
and know that it was wrapped in swaddling clothes in a barn.
With cattle and shepherds and wise men to see,
that was the real first Christmas party.
After the packages, boxes and bows are all lost,
hold onto the present that was gifted at such a cost.
Dear Mother Mary, for your gift we praise
Merry Christmas to all and most happy holidays!

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