Mail Call - Dec. 19

December 19, 2010

“I just heard on TV where the producers of movies for television and the theaters have said that people don’t want to see Christmas stories anymore. How asinine can that be?” — Falling Waters, W.Va.

“You know, I hear these gobbledygook people on these talk shows and everything, and the pundits, saying that the Obama’s gonna have a competition in 2012 from his own party. Sen. Feinstein is one of them. Well, let me tell you something about Sen. Feinstein. He couldn’t even win his own Senate election in his own state, so how he’s gonna compete against Obama? It’s ridiculous, some of the stuff these people come up with. But I tell you one thing, we’re gonna have Obama for four more years.” — Hagerstown

“I find it absolutely disgusting that in a week where the Shepherd University Rams play for the national semifinal championship, there’s not one line of print devoted to their accomplishments — yet we manage to put an article in there honoring the demise of Albert Haynesworth. Absolutely disgusting.” — Boonsboro

“What got the U.S. in the mess it is in was Wall Street and the lobbyists. Congress and Senate are not going to do anything for you because they all have been bought off. That’s both parties.” — Clear Spring

“Granted, popularity contests are not used to either prove or disprove scientific theories. However, the fact that 99 percent of scientists support the scientific theory of evolution speaks volumes. It has been my experience that people who claim that no evidence supporting evolution exists have never bothered to look for it. Instead of simply regurgitating information off creation websites ... do some honest research. The ‘I didn’t see it, so it didn’t happen’ argument is fine for a child. ... I’m sticking with 99 percent of scientists.” — Fairfield, Pa.

“It makes me sick to see personalities like Sarah Palin showing up in Haiti to get their publicity pictures taken. If they want to be real troopers, they can donate half their fortune to those people and stay out of the way of the aid organizations. Those people are dirt-poor and suffering badly. They don’t need a personality walking around in front of them with a camera crew.” — Greencastle, Pa.

“I just read that Pennsylvania provided $20 million to help with the cost of filming Reese Witherspoon’s latest film that laid out $50 million for four big-name actors. Just an example of loose tax money. Is there waste in government?” — Waynesboro, Pa.

“Doesn’t anyone remember Obama and the Dems wanted to get rid of tax cuts for everyone and did not want them in the first place? Now, they are fighting for middle-class cuts? They have to, or Obama is a one-term president.” — Hagerstown

“I feel that Mail Call needs more positive notes. I went to The Maryland Theatre this weekend and saw the new production of ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet. It was absolutely fantastic. The girls and guys did a fabulous job. Danielle Horchowski did an excellent job working with all the people involved. There was a lot less stress this year backstage. This was the fourth year for my daughter and I think it was the best year yet. I can’t wait to get my video and watch it again. Congratulations on a job well done for all those involved in putting it together.” — Hagerstown

“If you are rich enough in this nation, you can hire a shrewd tax attorney to find loopholes in the current tax law to reduce the percent of income you’re taxed upon. So if you think millionaires aren’t already getting a tax break, wake up. I support a flat tax for all citizens except the very poor.” — Rohrersville

“I didn’t get an opportunity to attend the legislators meeting at South High, and I’m upset about it because I very rarely miss that. But my question’s this. Every year, there’s correctional officers there, current and retired, and they have legitimate complaints that need to be looked into, but every year it’s the same thing. Evidently, nobody’s looking at the Division of Correction here in the state of Maryland. There must be a ton of waste in that department.” — Hagerstown

“What a joyful time I have just enjoyed on Maryland Public Television ... I never seen such a brilliant group of young men, and so enjoyable with their Christmas show. They are truly, truly wonderful. I watch many shows on public television. That’s how I got involved in watching Michael Buble. What a great, great group, and such talent.” — Boonsboro

“I cannot believe the caller from Martinsburg said to donate to charity in lieu of placing flowers on the graves of loved ones. They stated they couldn’t see them. On the eyes of the believer, this isn’t so. Look at the beautiful cemeteries at Christmastime, those who do believe. Some of those persons are servicemen who served to keep our country free, and it’s a tribute to them. May God bless you.” — Hagerstown

“Pardon the puns for the new hospital name, etc., not being sewn up, by hitting nerves, poking fun and leaving you in stitches.” — Knoxville, Md.

“This is on fuel oil. I can’t understand why, and I wish someone could explain to me, a politician or someone, how comes fuel oil costs as much as gasoline when it don’t take as much to make fuel oil, cost as much to make fuel oil. I don’t want to hear nothing about foreign oil because that’s a crock of bull, too, because we should be drilling oil here in the U.S. I just want to know why the federal government is letting these oil companies doing this to people when the economy’s down so bad.” — Hagerstown

“This is regarding to Roscoe Bartlett’s special earmarks, said he give $19 million, which I don’t believe. I know that Barbara Mikulski and the governor of Maryland show up every election time and give money to Western Maryland and Washington County, $50-some million, and they’re not for our parties.” — Hagerstown

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