What's wrong with this picture?

December 19, 2010
  • Air conditioners purchased in 2008 for Maryland Correctional Training Center sit in the Maryland Division of Correction's Hagerstown maintenance shop lot Friday.
By Kevin G. Gilbert/Staff Photographer

The problem: Several air-conditioning units purchased by the state for Maryland Correctional Training Center in 2008 have not been installed, a speaker told the Washington County delegation at a Dec. 11 prelegislative forum at South Hagerstown High School.

The man questioned why the units were being purchased when staff members were having to take furlough days, then were not installed.

"Now I'm told we do not have the money available to get the ductwork and the electrical to take and install these electrical units," he said at the forum. "So they are still sitting in regional maintenance's parking lot."

Who could fix it: Maryland Division of Correction

What they say: The 11 air conditioners were purchased at the end of fiscal year 2008 by the Maryland Department of General Services out of a critical maintenance fund that had unused money that was required to be spent by the end of that fiscal year, Erin Julius, a spokeswoman for the Division of Correction, said in an e-mail.

The air conditioners were on a long-term needs list for the correctional facilities and were selected because their cost was close to the amount of the leftover funding, Julius said.

However, because the areas where they were to be installed are already air-conditioned with window units, upgrading to the new, rooftop units was not an immediate priority, she said. MCTC also has been undergoing a steamline-replacement project that would have made it difficult to bring in the crane needed for the installation, she said.

"That said, the schedule to begin the installation of these units is and has been set for the spring of 2011," Julius said.

 — Compiled by Heather Keels

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