Dear Santa ...

Kids ask Santa questions

December 19, 2010|BY TIFFANY ARNOLD |

If you could only ask Santa Claus one question, what would you want to know?

We offered a few kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County a tempting proposition: If you ask Santa Claus a question, we'll get his response before Christmas.

But you only get one question.

The Herald-Mail caught up with Mr. Claus at Longmeadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown, where he fielded questions via video.

Kayla Scott, 6

Q: What's your favorite thing to do?

Santa: Make people happy and do what we can to help others.

Darren Caton, 9

Q: How does he get to all those houses and put all those presents down in the Christmas tree in one day?

Santa: The elves help us, and without your help getting to bed early and parents helping me, I wouldn't be able to do it. I depend on everybody else to help me.

Danielle Cook, 7

Q: Do you like sports?

Santa: Yes I do like sports.

Destene Wise, 9

Q: What is your favorite holiday of the year?

Santa: My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas because it's the birth of Jesus and also the giving and the helping of other people.

Abdoulie Grandison, 8

Q: Do you have a dog, Santa?

Santa: Santa doesn't have a dog because it takes a lot of upkeep and a lot of work to have a dog and treat him right, but I do have a cat. And it's not that I don't like dogs. I love dogs. We just don't have one at this time.

Rasheed Grandison, 6

Q: Does he eat healthy?

Santa: Yes, I do eat healthy. It's important that children and adults all eat healthy.


Myles Walley, 7

Q: How much toys would you make a year?

Santa: Well, the elves do all the work making the toys. Mrs. Claus watches over them to see that they do their job. I try to do what I can to help them, but I mostly try to watch the children to make sure that they're being good. I keep my eye on them.

Nick Burke, 14, a volunteer at Boys & Girls Club

Q: How many hours does it take for him to stop at one stop?

Santa: With regard to your question, it all depends on how good somebody has been, how many times I have to check the list, what I've got to do before I leave the presents. If you've been good, it doesn't take long. If you've been bad, I don't have to stop.

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