Letters to the Editor - Dec. 18

December 17, 2010

Be aware of charges on your telephone bill

To the editor:

My residential telephone company is Verizon. On the current bill, there is a $6.10 charge for “Other Providers” in the New Charges section under the Quick Bill Summary on page 1.

On the prior month’s bill, there was a $13.45 charge for “Other Providers” in the New Charges section under the Quick Bill Summary on page 1.

On page 5 of both telephone bills, I learned that both charges were for a call supposedly made on Oct. 2, and in both cases, the “Other Provider” was “Zero Plus Dialing (zpdi or zero plus dialing incorporated).”

I called Verizon and I was told that these third-party charges would be removed from my bills and that I should remit $19.55 less than the total charges shown on my current bill. I also inquired about the free “cramming block” that I had requested several years ago to prevent Verizon from listing these third-party charges on my monthly Verizon bills. I was told that sometimes, the cramming block doesn’t work.

It is unfortunate that the politicians and the Public Service Commission members in the State of Maryland allow companies such as Verizon to list these third-party charges on residential telephone bills.

If Verizon provides your residential telephone service, you might want to review the new charges under the quick bill summary on page 1 of your monthly bills.
Daniel Moeller

Local pastor is a good man in the pulpit

To the editor:

I know the Rev. John Miller from going to Faith Christian Fellowship in Williamsport.

His wife, Melissa, supported him in becoming missionaries. I support them once a month. It was the Lord’s plan that they would be good missionaries. They work here at the territory and travel on mission trips. They help the widows.

John is a go-getter and always has a big smile. I got a big Christmas card from him and Melissa wishing me a Merry Christmas. I also got a card thanking me for walking this road with them.

He promised he would give us one like him to win souls and preach the word. I know he fulfilled his promise. We have that man now in the pulpit. I got fed what I wanted to hear. People are so friendly. I’ve got a good Sunday school teacher.

Anna Lee Burker

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