Mail Call - Dec. 17

December 17, 2010

“The Washington Redskins finally suspended Albert Haynesworth. What took so long? He was a disgrace to his team, to his community, and to himself, yet he came out ahead, at least $41 million guaranteed. There’s something wrong with this system.” — Hagerstown

“I think President Obama is the most least qualified president in my 64 years, other than Jimmy Carter, I’ve ever seen. He’s calling the Republicans hostage takers. He doesn’t want to sit down with both sides and talk. He only wants to push through all the social programs he wants to go through. And that’s why I hope he’s one and done.” — Williamsport

“The average federal worker makes $47,000 a year. I think they should have frozen the wages of Congress, judges and other political appointees, instead of the average Joe and Jane.” — Hagerstown

“I’m glad to see that Allan Powell references the books of Daniel and the book of Revelation — with no ‘s’ — but I hope that either he or the copy editor will go into the book of Revelation and learn why it is called Revelation. That would be a major step forward for Mr. Powell.” — Hagerstown

“I’d like to direct this question to the atheists out there, why every year at Christmastime you start protesting and trying to upset it for 80 percent of American people that believe that Jesus is the savior of the world. Why does a man that does not exist bother you so bad? Why not have your own holiday? It’s your right. I will not protest it.” — Boonsboro

“I’m just wondering, I have not seen in the newspaper over the last month, the game ‘Spot the Money’ that The Herald-Mail was running. Who was the winner of the drawing? If someone could answer that for me.” — Clear Spring

“It just amazes me how cruel and selfish some people can be. A caller from Williamsport wants to know why we provide crossing guards for children walking to school. Another caller from Boonsboro whines about providing free breakfast and lunch for poor children, and claims at least they wouldn’t be overweight if they didn’t get free meals at school. How heartless can anyone be?” — Hagerstown

“On the person who is complaining about gas prices going up, if you watch or read the worldly news, you would know why. It’s because of the European Union thing, and I suggest you read the book ‘What in the World is Going On?’ by David Jeremiah. It will tell you more than why gas prices are going up, and why everything will continue to get worse. Have a wonderful, blessed day.” — Chambersburg, Pa.

“This is in regards to anyone complaining about the price of gasoline — Funkstown, Halfway or wherever. They should be glad they don’t live in Alaska. A gallon of gas is $9. Check it out. A gallon of milk is $5. Check it out. And a dozen eggs is $4.50. You’re better off living in Funkstown than you are in Alaska, buds.” — Hagerstown

“I know you won’t put this in your paper, but Sarah Palin will be the best president you’ll ever see in your entire life. I lived in Alaska for 10 years, and she ate dinner at my table. I’ll have you know that she has done nothing wrong. She’s just like me and you, and she’s definitely not a witch. All the dumb liberal Marylanders in this state need to get their stuff together. Vote Palin, 2012. I really want to see this in the paper. I feel you all have a right to know.” — Smithsburg

“To the Hagerstown caller complaining about the kids getting free meals: Really? You really saw a need to complain about children getting fed in school. I’m 48 years old and I don’t have children, but I do pay a bunch of taxes and I’m happy to see my money go to feeding a child in school for a whole year rather then fix a pothole in the street. I sometimes wonder how some people sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror. You really wouldn’t mind keeping food from children that need it? Wow.” — Hagerstown

“I was just quoting on the person who did the Mail Call on the Sunday, Dec. 12. I commemorate you for speaking out about the economy. No, it’s not gonig to turn around. President Obama has made it what it is, and everybody wanted a change — well, guess what, I didn’t vote for him, so who all was the ones who voted for him, shame on you. And I’m low poverty line. I don’t work, draw Social Security, and now Medicare is probably going to be going out the window. Well, thanks again, Mr. Obama, because here one can even make a living.” — North Hagerstown

“I really believe that back in the day, Mike Shanahan was not a Super Bowl-caliber coach. I think John Elway is the only reason that Denver won two Super Bowls. And that’s sort of being proven out, that the man is not great a coach. Look at all the gaffes he’s made; the Albert Haynesworth fiasco, the Donovan McNabb benching. Nope, I think he’s totally overrated. He’s like a little dictator. He refuses to change, and he will cut off his nose to spite his face. So have a good weekend, Redskin fans.” — Hagerstown

“I just can’t understand why the county highway administration or whoever is in charge, why they’re putting ‘No parking’ signs up and they’re taking down ‘Watch children’ signs. Aren’t the children important to the community anymore?” — South Washington County

“I’m really sick of these Democrats saying about the tax cuts. There’s no tax cut. The only thing there is is they’re keeping the Bush tax cut. And Bush wasn’t prejudiced; he cut the taxes on everybody, and we had plenty of employment until the Democrats took Congress over in 2006 and the housing market created by the Democrats all came crashing down. And by the way, my neighbor has a small business. ... Because of the economy, and the health care is what has hurt him. He can’t afford it.” — Waynesboro, Pa.

“I think it’s about time that we as Americans get our priorities straight. Everybody’s complaining about the teachers possibly getting a $500 pay to help with their medical, and everybody’s complaining about it. But you know, isn’t it ironic? I don’t see anything in Mail Call about a hundred-million-dollar football player — a hundred-million-dollar. ... Nobody says anything about the football, baseball, or soccer players, and especially the football players making a hundred million ... get our priorities straight.”  — Smithsburg

“I just would like to respond to the person from Boonsboro who was complaining about the school lunch bill. Yes, probably 90 percent of those children are only having one meal a day on the weekends and on (school) break. That person probably never went without anything to eat during the day.” — Maugansville

“This is for the caller from Boonsboro who was published on Friday, begrudging children breakfast and lunch. I would like to suggest that that person watch one of the movies that’s on in this particular season, and try to get a lesson from one of the characters in that movie called ‘A Christmas Carol’ and the character Scrooge. I’d also like to suggest that he/she get down on their knees and (thank God) because they have the job, by the grace of God, and they could lose it at any moment.” — Hagerstown

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