Senior citizens sought to volunteer with youths

December 17, 2010

The Washington County Commission on Aging is looking for individuals 55 and older to take part in its intergenerational volunteer program.

There are opportunities as tutors, mentors, teacher assistants and other types of helpers. Elementary and middle school students, as well as home-schooled children, need help.

The following are some activities that need volunteers:

Elementary schools need math and reading tutors. Mentoring a child could involve becoming a partner for 30 minutes of tossing a ball into a hoop or playing a board game.

Senior volunteers might become a teacher's assistant in a Saturday art class at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

The Boys & Girls Club or Girls Inc. need volunteers to help with homework or distribute and play board games.

You might become a teacher's assistant for a week in the summer at Hagerstown Community College's College for Kids. Head Start can use teacher helpers, as well.

Infants and prekindergarten students at the Family Center need attention, such as being rocked.

You might be interested in leading tours for groups of children at the Historical Society's Miller House to see the doll and the Civil War exhibit.

The newest project invites seniors to share some of their past in an oral history program in which young people learn by listening to personal stories of an older generation.

For more information, call Charlotte Levens at 301-790-0275, ext. 230.

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