Letters to the Editor - Dec. 17

December 16, 2010

Drinking raw milk should be a personal choice

To the editor:

Having read the column by Chad Smith in the Monday, Dec. 6, edition of The Herald-Mail (“Raw milk, false cures, real facts,” page A8), I think he is giving a bad image of the dairy farmer and raw milk.
Smith states the number of illnesses (1,505), hospitalizations (185) and deaths (two) over a 13-year period (1993 to 2006). Over the past several years, how many cases of food poisoning and illnesses have there been over food processed at a food facility?

Smith states there are no health benefits from raw milk. Has he ever seen the difference between two calves — one being nursed with their mother’s milk and one being fed with milk replacer?

People living in the country and on family farms have been drinking raw milk for a long time. If the product is produced in a clean environment, kept cold and used with common sense, there is nothing better than a glass of real milk.

It should be left up to each individual to decide what they want to eat or drink. The American farmer is having a hard enough time making a living without putting a shadow on one of the products he is trying to sell.

I was glad near the end of the column, where Smith states, “Dairy products are a great source of nutrients. ... So drink your milk,” but it should be our choice which kind.

Support the farmers.

Charles Miller


Catholic Church is still a viable institution

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Bonnie Erbe’s column about losing faith in the direction of the Catholic Church.

Erbe mentions a “raging debate about the Catholic Church in America.” There have been many raging debates about the Catholic religion throughout the history of the Catholic Church since it was instituted by Jesus Christ. There is no debating the fact that there has been a decline in the number of Catholic priests.

This results in all the more reason for Catholics to remain vigilant and faithful to the Catholic Church. Virtually every religion in existence has branched away from the Catholic Church as a result of not being satisfied with the beliefs of the Catholic Church.   

Erbe refers to the Catholic Church as a dogmatic, dictatorial church that does not resound with today’s spirituality, resulting in young people not clamoring to join the church. I hope the Catholic Church continues to teach children the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church does not have the authority to alter or amend the Commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our society has managed to ignore the majority of the Ten Commandments. I am not sure what good has resulted through the failure to place God first, curse, not go to church, permit abortion and assisted suicide, make pornography readily available, and coveting others’ spouses and goods. I truly believe if the Ten Commandments were upheld, we would currently have a much more civil, economically stable and productive society.

I am one Catholic who is very thankful that Pope Benedict looks to the past for spiritual guidance and relies on the teachings of Jesus Christ to guide my life. Jesus came to earth and died for us with the hope of not only saving our souls, but teaching us how to live a fruitful life.

Patrick Blanc
Charles Town, W.Va.

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