Watching Favre's "last game" was less than exciting

December 15, 2010|By TIM ROWLAND |
  • Tim Rowland
Tim Rowland

I was in Baltimore some odd years ago to see Cal Ripken play the next-to-last game before he tied Lou Gehrig’s consecutive-game record.

And now it appears to be the case that I was in Prince George's County to see what would become Brett Favre's next-to-last game in the NFL. I know.

If your claim to fame involves that much of a reach, you probably haven't scaled Mount Everest or anything. Matter of fact, I hadn't even thought of it until I heard some talking heads comparing the two for durability.

But hey. If the trivia question is who refereed Brett Favre's last full game, I'll be able to step right in with “Ed Hochuli.” Of course, I didn't set out to see a somewhat tenuous milestone when some generous friends gave us their tickets.

Beth is a Washington Redskins fan, and I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan, so it was one of those too cute by half situations that you see on TV where she's a this fan and he's a that fan.


People who know me, when they hear that I went to a live sporting event will ask: “What were you thinking”

It's true that I don't like crowds. And I don't like traffic. And I don't like noise — another paradox of growing older is that I usually can't hear it at all, but if I can hear it, it's invariably too loud.

So it stands to reason that a heavyset, leather-lunged lady sitting next to me screaming “Yeah Baby! Yeah Baby! Yeah Baby!” every time Donovan McNabb completed a 4-yard pass is not my idea of relaxation. Beth loves that stuff; she leans over and whispers, “Oh look at her, bless her heart, isn't she fun?”

Whereas my first instinct is to say, “Madam, do be a dear and run home and put on another pot of macaroni and cheese for the 12 little darlings who I'm sure are raiding your Pabst Blue Ribbon 30-pack as we speak.

And I CERTAINLY would not want to go through all this inconvenience without a guarantee, in writing, signed by every player for both sides, that my team is going to win.

Well, flash back about nine months when we decided to go to the game. First, if you want to get me to do anything, make sure it's way off in the future. If it's tomorrow forget it.

But if it's May of 2012, fine; it's quicker than arguing, and it seems as if something that far away will never arrive.

Second, way back before the season started, I didn't think Washington would give Minnesota much of a game. The Vikings had come within one blown call of playing in the Super Bowl, while Washington — well, you know.

But when the Vikings' season went south faster than Ulysses Grant, I began to get nervous. The Redskins scored first, but we were a little late so we missed it.

We saw the Vikings tie it in a run by Adrian Peterson, but that was about it for drama. Eventually, the Vikings built up an insurmountable 10-7 lead.

By the third quarter, even Yeah-Baby woman had become bored and began amusing herself by calling other people she knew were in attendance on her cell phone. “Hi it's me. Are you here? Where? We're in 256. Oh, I see you. I'm waving to you now. Do you see me? I see you. No, look down. Down here. I'm waving, can you see me?” Jesus wept.

Oddly enough, the last play for which I will always remember Favre was not a pass of his, but a run — a first-down scamper that sealed the game. The caveat, of course, is that it is foolish to think that he'll never play another game.

But if he does, he'll just have to worry along without me.

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