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Mail Call - Dec. 12

December 13, 2010

"This is really to the person in Hancock who calls this a depression and not a recession. Believe me, this is not a depression as it was in the '20s or '30s. Back then there was no unemployment, there was no help for families who lost their jobs. Roosevelt came in, created unemployment insurance, helped people through the work programs to get jobs, and it — also the banks failed then, and ... the money that is today backed up by the FDIC." — Hagerstown

"People call in about Obamacare and that it was pushed down our throats in the middle of the night. Their memories must be short to have forgotten the Bush Medicare prescription drug act, which was voted on at 3 a.m. and passed only at 219 to 215, and then only because some Republicans reversed their votes to pass it after they were called by House leadership. So don't just blame our president for doing this. Others have done it, too." — Hagerstown


"I would like as my New Year resolution that everyone get over the hospital moving. All the whining in Mail Call will not keep the hospital from moving. As far as not being able to pronounce the name 'Meritus,' get 'Hooked on Phonics.' It's not that hard to pronounce, and after the move is made, it will not be that hard to find or get to the place. I just would like everyone to get over it." — Hagerstown

"Why is it that people, especially women, that are unemployed can afford to get their nails done, have laptops and other items that are expensive? It's just something that has bothered me for a long time and wanted to see what kind of responses emerge. I mean, I am unemployed and I don't go shopping, only for groceries, and have not had my hair cut or nails done in years. I have had to sell any and everything I can just to get by to support my daughter in the past year since I was fired. ... I would like to know how they afford all the 'finer' things." — Hagerstown

"I cannot believe what I am reading in Mail Call today. A person from Hagerstown is asking how come the unemployment is so high and the corporations are having such high profits? Where has this person been? The American people have been saying for years, stop outsourcing our jobs to other countries. Stop training other countries' citizens to take more of our jobs. If free trade was not a one-way street, we might be in a better position. Lots of luck on that. This is still a capitalistic republic, not a democratic one."— Hagerstown

"To Hagerstown who is looking to send a package to a soldier overseas: You may want to check out This website has lists of names of military personnel who have requested items. It also gives tips and guidelines for what to send and how to send it. For instance, nothing homemade such as cookies should be sent. They are told to throw anything homemade away if they don't know the sender personally (for their own safety)." — Smithsburg

"I was reading a book on the quotes of Will Rogers. Over 70 years ago he said, 'Republicans take care of big money, for big money takes care of them.' In light of Republicans' insistence that the wealthiest receive a generous tax break, it shows that nothing has changed in all these years." — Williamsport

"I just wanted to ask a question. Does anyone know when they're going to be renovating out the library building at 100 S. Potomac St.? It's been sitting idle for like three weeks now, so, and they've done nothing, and I'm just curious about that, and I also want to give a word of praise to the people who did the work on the new hospital. Sounds pretty exciting, what's going to be happening over there."— Hagerstown

"I'd just like to say I'm keeping Friday, Dec. 3's copy of Mail Call, to make sure my grandchildren know the importance of an education, because there's only a couple people that called in on that whole page that made any sense whatsoever." — Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"I feel if people can set up tables or booths to take in money for these Relay for Life events, such as they're having now during Christmas Heritage Days in Greencastle, why can't people have a booth to raise money for a truly needy family? Yeah, why can't they set up a booth or a table to raise money for a truly needy family and all, such as a family that has children suffering from leukemia and other diseases?" — Greencastle, Pa.

"I cannot believe — and I'm a diehard Republican — that our government wants to reduce taxes for the wealthy and the rich. It just boggles your mind. If our congressmen and our senators and the leaders of this country of ours wanted to make some progress with the economy, they would use a progressive tax. That way the poor and the middle class ... we're the ones that support the country. Give us the tax break, and use the progressive tax on the wealthy." — Hagerstown

"People continually ask, when is the economy going to turn around? The answer is: The economy will never turn around, because the manufacturing jobs were shipped to other countries years ago. You voted the Republicans in, so now the middle class will have to suffer." — Hagerstown

"Before President Obama, my house was worth $250,000, had a great job, guaranteed for life, my health insurance was cheap and I had the best health insurance around for a low cost. Now, after Obama, foreclosed my house, lost my job, can't afford health insurance. Thank you, Obama. Maybe these people will wake up out there." — Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"I go to a food bank occasionally, and yes, I have a cell phone, but it belongs to my brother. Because I have small children in the house, he feels I need to have a phone, for their safety and health. It's not that I go out and spend my money crazily, you know. My brother does it for me to protect my family." — Myersville, Md.

"I was just calling, I want people to not forget their favorite hairdressers, or their waitresses that they go to eat a couple times during the week. It's Christmas, and you know, give them an extra tip, bonus, show them that you appreciate it." — Hagerstown

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