Rant: Donate to spread Christmas feelings

December 13, 2010|Krista Kirlew | Pulse correspondent

Residents everywhere in Washington County are crowding the Valley Mall and The Premium Outlets in their eager effort to get the best sales.

Shoppers are trying to purchase gifts for their spouses, family, friends or even secret Santa.

But what are we missing in this season of giving back?

How about the men and women who are outside in the freezing cold asking for donations on behalf of the Salvation Army for children less fortunate?

You see them everywhere trying to collect donations, even outside of Walmart and the post office. You would think everyone who passes by would shove a dollar in their kettles.

But that's not what I have seen. I watch people walk by them as though they were invisible. I work at the mall and witness this all the time.


If you simply don't have the money to donate, then you're not a terrible person. For those with a surplus money but are being stingy — shame on you. Is donating pocket change or even a couple of bucks really going to affect you? Even a teenager like me takes the time to donate.

I've donated to the Salvation Army about five times, as well as other organizations that ask for donations. I realized some parents can't afford to, but I know I can help by giving back.

There are other organizations such as Toys For Tots where you can physically pick out a new toy, dropped it off in the box unwrapped and the Marines will be so kind enough to surprise children with the gifts. You might have it good this Christmas, but others don't.

Caring is great! Showing you care is better. So grab some dollar bills and put it in the bowl. You know, 50 cents wont kill you. If we all donate, we can make a child's Christmas amazing.

Besides, 'tis the season to be jolly! 

— Rant is a commentary column written by a member of Pulse.

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