Mail Call - Dec. 10

December 10, 2010

"To the person in Hancock: I think that Jennifer Grey was a great dancer, and I'm glad she won." — Hagerstown

"To the caller from Hagerstown who hasn't heard about other countries celebrating Thanksgiving: No, they don't do it on a different day. But you try and find another country where the Pilgrims landed, and then I'm sure you'll be OK. In the meantime, why don't you go to the library and get a history book? Because, jeepers creepers, mister." — Falling Waters, W.Va.

"To the person from Hagerstown who said it was complaining about people complaining about the president: Well, for eight years when George Bush was president, nobody stopped ever complaining about him, and they didn't know what they were talking about. So that makes it even. But the thing that bothers me most is this Bush's tax cut. They said that when it was implemented, it was only for the rich. It was giving the rich the tax cut. As it is, they're still hanging on there, because it affected everybody. And that was a lie." — Martinsburg, W.Va.


"I would like to know why gas prices are so high, and I think that The Herald-Mail should do an investigative story on this issue." — Funkstown

"To the people who keep calling in about ... people still using cell phones, well, my understanding is I thought they couldn't pull you over for using your cell phone unless they had a good reason. So forget about them pulling you over and fining you for using the cell phone." — Hagerstown

"Someone asked in Mail Call what comes after trillion. That's an easy answer. It would be bankruptcy." — Mercersburg, Pa.

"I would make a comment about the person in The Herald-Mail, about Sarah Palin and all her positive thinking. Well, you know, men have been in the presidency since there was a United States and presidency was formed, and look where we've got. We've got deeper and deeper in debt, we owe everybody, we're borrowing from everybody and ... females pay the bills, females buy the groceries, mothers know the conditions of the household and the money. So go, Sarah Palin. As far as I'm concerned, she cannot do any worse than what we have in office." — Bedington, W.Va.

"Sarah Palin was mayor, governor, CEO. President Obama claimed we had 57 states. Biden said he saw FDR in 1929 come on TV and explain what was going on with the war. Funny, no TVs in '29, and FDR was not our president then. Hillary is another one who never ran anything but her mouth. She never had a security clearance under Clinton. Her trips abroad were with her husband, like any first lady. Giuliani left New York with no deficit. Soon as Hillary took over New York it was broke, with Schumer's help." — Hagerstown

"To the Hagerstown caller: Thanksgiving is a North American holiday celebrating an event in our history. Remember the Pilgrims, Indians, feast. Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, but in October. Hope this answers your question regarding other countries celebrating Thanksgiving." — Greencastle, Pa.

"Falling Waters Mail Caller, your contention that you should get a COLA because Washington County teachers are getting a $500 stipend makes no sense at all. Our teachers' pay comes entirely from Maryland and Washington County taxes. West Virginia residents have no investment in that and no reason to receive any part of it. Talk to the federal government about your COLA problem. Foreign countries don't celebrate Thanksgiving for the same reason they don't celebrate the Fourth of July." — Washington County

"It's as simple as this. I never let my kids run in the street or next door to go to the toilet. Keep your pets at home." — Waynesboro, Pa.

"A caller said that he was not the smartest or the dumbest guy around, but that I was stepping on a lot of toes by suggesting that one needs not be too bright to learn to pronounce 'Meritus.' It was not my intent to offend him, but if I inadvertently stepped on his toes, I believe that a trip to Meritus Medical Center to treat his wounded digits could afford him the opportunity to learn to pronounce the name of the institution, thus rendering him just a tad smarter." — Hagerstown

"I'd like somebody to call in and explain why we need crossing guards at the school crossings. When you think about it, these same kids that need to be watched across the street to get to school, at 5 or 6 in the evening when traffic's the heaviest, from people going home from work, these kids are going to be going across these same streets, going to their friend's house or the playground back of the school. Seen them going, go across the street. So I'd like somebody to explain that." — Williamsport

"I'm calling about the wild turkey. You soak it for 24 hours in one tablespoon of vinegar and cover it with water. Then you rinse it and you put it in a container, fill it with white milk and let it sit for 24 hours. Wash it good, and then put it in the oven and bake it like you would any other. I bake my turkey with the breast down. Then I put the aluminum foil and cover it over." — Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'm calling about Jimmie Johnson winning the fifth time, I believe it was, the NASCAR title. You know, it's mighty easy to win when you have three or four other teammates holding all the other cars back so they can't pass them, in order to pass you. I think that's wrong. NASCAR should definitely have one car per team, not three or four, that they can band together and keep everybody else behind. NASCAR has all these rules — why don't they make a rule against that?" — Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I just saw where they passed a bill to feed more kids at school. OK, so I'm from the old school, where we took a bag lunch or a Superman lunchbox, or if you were lucky enough you could buy your lunch. No one thought anything about it. Now we feed these kids breakfast and lunch free or reduced cost. So I'm wondering what these kids eat on weekends, and what about — I'm going to call it Christmas break, not winter break? Are they going about 10 days with no breakfast or lunch? And then comes summer break, two months with no breakfast or lunch. At least these kids won't be overweight. Remember, it all comes from us working people." — Boonsboro

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