Mail Call - Dec. 9

December 10, 2010

"Almost daily, someone leaves a message with Mail Call  saying that the fraudulent robocall should be ignored because mudslinging is a common political practice. Are people too ignorant to understand the difference in political mudslinging, which is shameful but legal, and the illegal act of placing someone else's name on the lies one propagates? I hope it's ignorance rather than an absence of moral values." — Washington County

"I have heard so many people complain that they don't have any money to pay their bills, and these people have a job making between $30,000 and $50,000 and also get very good money in child support because they have two or three kids. Obviously, they do not know how to budget their money monthly. I am unemployed. I do get unemployment of $725 a month, and I pay all my bills on time, and I have not received child support in over two years, but I only have one child, but still it just makes me shake my head." — Hagerstown


"This call is concerning all the unemployed people out there who were hard workers and lost their job, and really need their unemployment extension benefits. If any of you are Republican, you got exactly what you voted for, the Republicans telling people they can't extend the benefits while they protect the rich, and $250,000-and-up tax cuts. And also, all you people out there that keep calling in about the cell phone in the car, you have to be pulled over for a first offense before they can do anything about a cell phone." — Hagerstown

"Several months ago I made some comments in Mail Call about people keeping their cats inside, and about trapping them and taking them to the humane society. Well, I was labeled all kinds of nasty things, which doesn't bother me any, but the end result was we don't have any more stray cats in our neighborhood. All the cats, as far as I know, have found new homes. I don't know if any of them were owned by anyone before. That's up to the humane society to check on that. The humane society did a great job. I did a good job trapping these wild cats or feral cats, and the neighborhood's been free of them." — Hagerstown

"The economy is never going to improve as long as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke keeps driving the value of the dollar even lower. That's why we have such high gas prices. And with high gas prices, people are not going to have money to spend anywhere else but on gas." — Sharpsburg

"Just a couple of things. First, I can't believe that these are probably the same people in Washington County who voted for the people that they voted for. As far as reading in Mail Call about the cell phone use, people, if you all knew anything, you'd know it's a secondary offense. Read the newspapers, watch the news ... It's a secondary offense, just like the seat belt was, until the good free state of Maryland decided to make it a primary law, before they give you a ticket. Aleshire, quit crying. Maryland, the Free State — what a joke. Ha." — Hagerstown

"In the Thursday, Dec. 2, paper, the headline's 'Hundreds getting inmate escape alert,' and I'm one of those people. I live close to the prison. It's just I didn't get my call until 2 a.m. That was two hours after they discovered that he had escaped. That's scary, because he could have already been on my property by then, and I just think maybe they should try to find a better ... since they didn't notify who they were, I thought that my son was in a car accident or something. I didn't know what the call was about when I first answered. It was very scary. I wish they'd redo the system, but I appreciate that they do do it." — Hagerstown

"To the caller who is criticizing Sarah Palin all the time about her experience: Well, let me ask you a question. Why is it that Barack Obama has been to college, he's a good speaker, he's also a silver-tongued devil, but he can't run a country? He won't protect its borders, he won't take up for its citizens. He can't balance a budget. He's never once admitted he was wrong, because he is too egotistical. And this doesn't make for a good president. Just because somebody has education does not mean they have common sense." — Waynesboro, Pa.

"John Barr gave his leftover campaign money to help sponsor Hagers-town City Park's (tree) lighting. I would like to thank John Barr for doing such a honorable and good deed. The voter give John Barr money to run his campaign for county commissioner, and he returned the leftover money back to the voter. This shows what an honorable man ... I'll bet the other county commissioners won't do the same good deed that John Barr has done." — Halfway area

"Sharpsburg caller, these door-to-magazine sellers are nothing new. I had them coming to my home years ago. I'll bet other people did, too. And the story you described sounds suspiciously similar to theirs, and no, I didn't buy from them, either. From the warnings I've heard, they may be legitimate insofar as you may get the magazines you buy, but as you noted, at a highly inflated price. But the rest is probably (an attempt) to create guilt and coerce you into subscribing. " — Frederick, Md.

"My message is: Attention Tea Partiers: All but three Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to increase your taxes." — Boonsboro

"Don't be afraid to print this, OK? The president put a freeze on federal wages. They need to put a freeze on groceries and everything else right now. There's so many people out of work it's not funny. And everything just keeps going up and up. What they need to do is to impeach somebody, and you know who. And I'd better see this in the paper." — Hancock

"Come on, man. Why don't they celebrate Thanksgiving in other countries? Get out your history book, take a look in it. Have a good day." — Hagerstown

"I'm just wondering who paid for the party the county commissioners had for the outgoing and incoming commissioners. Their families and county staff were invited, so it cost money. If the money came out of a fund like hotel tax, that's our tax dollars also." — Hagerstown

"Hagerstown, Republicans in no way objected to extended unemployment. Republicans wanted the money to come from the stimulus money that Demos claim to still have plenty of left, rather (than) borrow and put us in debt further. President Obama should have thought how 'little children' were going to have food when he gave Hamas $900 million, bailed his unions out who put him in office, and when money went to Sri Lanka (USAID) to train unemployed workers, to U.N. to fund overseas abortions." — Hagerstown

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