Letters to the Editor - Dec. 6

December 10, 2010

Coverage of robocall has been disappointing

To the editor:

I have been so disappointed with The Herald Mail's coverage of the Republican Central Committee robocall just days before the general election.

What is at stake here is old-fashioned investigative journalism. The mere volume of entries to Mail Call and letters to the editor on the subject should justify the newspaper sparing no expense for in-depth coverage of what appears to be a violation of elections laws and the possibility of a cover-up by influential Washington County Republicans.

Claims that reporters' calls to the known participants go unanswered does a disservice to face-to-face interviews and the research necessitated by actual beat reporting. This is a shallow attempt to honor the history of our First Amendment right of freedom of the press.


As for Washington County's Republican leaders, this appears to be the arrogance of power that comes with virtual absolute rule. For a party that claims the moral high ground, it is a shame that not one Republican leader has stepped forward to take ownership of something that many agree is a disgrace.

One esteemed state senator-elect is quoted as excusing this action because politics is a "contact sport." If indeed politics is a "contact sport," then like all sports, it has rules. At this point, it appears the rules have been broken. If this is so, then the architects of this apparent violation of election law should step forward and clarify this so-called misunderstanding. The citizens of Washington County demand moral responsibility of our leaders — elected or self-appointed.

Randy Changuris


New medical center fulfills the promise

To the editor:

I was one of an estimated 7,000 people who visited the Sunday, Nov. 28, open house at our new Meritus Medical Center, which is physically connected to Robinwood Medical Center.

When I think of the planning and execution to make both of these facilities a reality, it just blows my mind. I am really glad I live in a community where people had a vision like this and made it happen.

You would have to travel quite a distance, I think, to find a medical complex like this. In fact, I don't know where that would be.

Anyway, congratulations to all of the people who worked so hard for many years through all of the challenges they had to overcome to make this what it is now and for many years to come — one of the finest medical complexes anywhere.

There is a publication being distributed in our community now. You can learn a lot more about the new Meritus Medical Center by getting one. It's called "Fulfilling the Promise," a good name for this informative magazine.

Jack Myers


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