Letters to the Editor - Dec. 7

December 10, 2010

Waynesboro Christmas parade was awesome

To the editor:

I want to thank Carlene Wilhide and the staff of the Greater Waynesboro Chamber of Commerce for the excellent Christmas parade held Nov. 20.

There was a tremendous amount of effort on the part of the members of the Chamber, and I understand a sorority even gave its full support as well.

It was very easy to see that all 101 participants in the parade were in the holiday spirit, and they were geared toward making the experience all about the kids. It was colorful, exciting, entertaining and a well-presented event.


I would like to thank those who sponsored the event. Without everyone who was involved, it would not have been the spectacular time that it was.

Thanks to everyone who was involved. It was a great community Christmas gift for the thousand or so kids and adults who lined the streets. It was awesome.

C. Stewart McCleaf

Waynesboro, Pa.

Democrats are in a state of denial

To the editor:

The voters sent a loud and clear message to the Democrats on Nov. 2, but they are in a state of denial.

Democrats and their allies in the liberal media refuse to acknowledge the tax-and-spend big government agenda that was rejected by the voters, and continue to offer the excuse President Obama had a message problem, not an agenda problem.

Yes, Obama and the liberals think we, the voters, were too stupid to grasp the economic genius and intellectual superiority of the left.

Why do hard-core liberals still believe the American people still want their agenda when those policies were rejected by such a huge majority in the election?

Now, we hear how Republicans need to work with Obama to "get the country moving."

Excuse me, why should the winners of the election compromise with the losers of the election? Compromise is for the losers, not the winners.

With the newly elected Tea Party candidates, there should be one rule — no compromise. No compromise on repealing Obamacare. No compromise on tax increases for anyone. No compromise on more stimulus money. Show small-business owners and corporations they will no longer be attacked by Congress and will not face tax increases and additional costly regulations. That will be the first step in improving the economy.

Now is the time to force Obama's hand. Pass a bill repealing and defunding Obamacare, make the Bush tax cuts permanent, repeal financial reform and make Obama either sign the bills or veto them.

It is time to hold Obama accountable, and put him on the defense.

When Obama was told earlier this year that a vote on Obamacare would result in the same catastrophe for the Democrats as in 1994, his response was "the difference this time is me."

It will be interesting to see Obama continue to self-destruct these next two years.

Terry Weddle

Fayetteville, Pa.

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