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Letters to the Editor - Dec. 1

December 10, 2010

Thanks to Washington County for JFK 50 Mile

To the editor:

The 48th annual JFK 50 Mile, held in Washington County on Nov. 20, is the largest and most successful ultramarathon foot race held on the North American continent.

The incredible success of the 48th annual JFK 50 Mile simply would not have been possible without the help of so many local organizations and private citizens. Everyone gives so unselfishly of their time and resources to allow 1,038 committed and courageous official finishers to see their dreams and goals become a reality.

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all those who helped make this event possible. Particularly, I would like to thank Mike Spinnler for having the vision and leadership to keep this tradition alive and bringing honor to Washington County.


The Maryland State Police, Washington County Sheriff's Department, U.S. Park Rangers and Maryland State Highway Administration offered outstanding support and organizational expertise. The various community emergency services and ambulance companies throughout the county provided much needed assistance and medical care. The volunteers are amazing at every aid station, giving needed water and food to keep the runners' spirits high. The spectators are always enthusiastic. But truly it is the citizens of Washington County and their attitude that makes this event great and world class.

Every year, I continue to be awestruck by the JFK 50 Mile. It has evolved into a truly international event that reflects so positively on our community. The big three ultra events of this size are Comrades in South Africa, Ultra Trail du Mont in Europe and the JFK 50 Mile here in Washington County.

Thanks, Washington County, Thanks, Mr. Spinnler.

John Louderback


Shuster, Republicans don't care about jobless

To the editor:

This letter is concerning U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster voting against extending benefits for the jobless in Franklin County and other areas that he represents.

Mr. Shuster, that didn't surprise me at all due to the fact that you Republicans are very much alike. You don't need to worry about your paycheck because it's guaranteed. In my opinion, you and the other Republicans don't care about the jobless, the truly needy, the homeless, etc.

I believe you and other Republicans should take a decrease in your salaries to help the jobless get more benefits. It's not like the jobless are deadbeats. Most of them lost their jobs for different reasons.

But I guess this is the thanks you give to the people who voted you in for another term.

Russell "Pete" Seville

Greencastle, Pa.

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