Letters to the Editor - Dec. 9

December 10, 2010

Changing a tire helps to warm a heart

To the editor:

Please be aware that there still are wonderful, helpful people in this world and right here in our community.

My sincere and deep thanks go to the kind gentleman and his family who stopped to offer assistance on Sunday morning. I had a flat tire on Downsville Pike on my way to church. As I was trying to reach someone for assistance, they stopped and the gentleman changed my tire, with help from his daughter, in no time flat.

There was no hesitation and they refused compensation or even to give me their names for future compensation. All they said was "pay it forward" and I intend to in any way I can. Two other people stopped to offer help as well.

To all, I give my heartfelt appreciation and also a donation to the REACH Cold Weather Shelter in their honor. By changing a tire, you also warmed my heart.


Mary Ann Grandinett


Columnist doesn't understand Catholic Church

To the editor:

What possessed your editorial staff to pick the Bonnie Erbe column with her critique of the Catholic Church featured in the Dec. 1 Opinion page?

One would think you would choose someone who has at least a basic understanding of Catholic doctrine and teaching as well as its operating structure. Erbe understands neither. If she did, she would know that the Church of 1200 A.D. or 2010 A.D. or 2500 A.D. will have the same teaching on same-sex marriage as it will about an all-male priesthood. And the answer is the same in both cases. The church has too much respect for persons and regard for their eternal salvation to attempt to subvert the truth. "In season or out of season," Erbe will get the same answer.

A good journalist would take the time to become familiar with what is readily available in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. On an even more obvious note, she failed to look at the Anglican Church. They have all of the things she wants, plus "official" state status, yet they are fading away in numbers and relevance. Did she not read the news that in the last couple of weeks, five of their bishops resigned in order to come back to Rome and fidelity to the ancient and immutable teachings on faith and morals.

God knows there are enough problems within the Catholic Church caused by men and women, from bishops to laity, but they will only be cured by adhering to the teachings of the church and not in trying to make it over in our fallen image. As it was in the time of St. Paul, the same problems, the same teachings and the same solution exist.

Richard Giovanoni


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