Fountaindale School students play with food

Second graders made a model of the school out of items they collected for Food Resources

December 09, 2010|DAVE McMILLION |
  • Second grade students at Fountaindale School for Arts and Academics Excellence, from left, Nicholas Profilio, Erianna Schleigh and Trevor Watts tend to the almost 900 donated food items collected by school students. The food items have been sculpted in the shape of the school including playground equipment and portable classrooms.
Joe Crocetta, Staff Photographer

HAGERSTOWN — First it was a food-collection project.

Then it became a work of art.

This year, second grade students at Fountaindale School for Arts and Academics Excellence in Hagerstown have been focusing on the community, teacher Ginny Kay Durham said.

As part of their studies, the students concluded that hunger was a problem in the area, Durham said. It was decided that the students would collect groceries for Food Resources, Inc., which provides food and other donated items at a minimal cost to nonprofit organizations to combat hunger, among other objectives.

About 900 canned and boxed food items were collected by students at the school last month, Durham said. Then the effort took on a life of its own.

At a school where arts are infused into the curriculum, the boxes and cans of food were stacked to form a model of the school. The students helped by constructing an outline of the school’s playground, and as a study of the effect of shadows, lights from overhead projectors were shined on the creation.


That allowed an outline of the school to appear on a screen in a hallway. Students involved in the model showed off the project Thursday afternoon, energetically explaining how it came about.

“It was fantastic, actually,” said Nicholas Profilio, 7. Erianna Schleigh, 7, said it was fun collecting food for people starving in different areas.

“Like Haiti!” exclaimed 8-year-old Jayvon Burnett.

About 80 students from four second grade classes collected the food, Durham said.

The school along Northern Avenue was originally built as Fountaindale Elementary in 1949 and became Fountaindale School for Arts and Academics Excellence in 2003.

Students in the school may begin band and orchestra in fourth grade.

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