Hagerstown man charged in theft of mo-ped

Todd Matthew McDonald II was charged with theft less than $1,000 value

September 29, 2010|By DAVE McMILLION

A Hagerstown man has been charged in connection with the theft of a mo-ped but police said it was unclear if the incident was related to other thefts of scooters in the city.

Todd Matthew McDonald II, 21, of 11 N. Mulberry St., was charged with theft less than $1,000 value after Hagerstown Police officer Wayne L. Hose said he was sent to North Mulberry Street for people possibly dismantling a reported stolen mo-ped, according to Washington County District Court records.

Hose said he was contacted by an individual about a 2009 Tomos mo-ped that was reported stolen Tuesday. Hose said the individual told him the mo-ped was possibly being dismantled at a residence on North Mulberry Street.

Hagerstown Police officer Stewart Heckman responded to the North Mulberry residence and asked McDonald what was going on, court records show.


McDonald told Heckman that he needed a ride to work so he stole the mo-ped, according to court records.

There has been an increase in thefts of scooters in Hagerstown and the county since July, and police have been urging owners of scooters and mo-peds to take precautions to guard against thefts.

Five scooters and a mo-ped have been stolen since last Sunday on Liberty Street, East Avenue and East Franklin Street in the city, a Hagerstown Police Department spokesman said Tuesday.

It was unclear if the North Mulberry Street incident was related to the other thefts, the spokesman said.

To help reduce thefts, police have recommended that owners of the vehicles use a cable lock to secure mo-peds and scooters to a fixed object. Police also urge scooter owners to take a photograph of their vehicles and to keep a record of vehicle identification numbers or serial numbers that can help police investigate scooter thefts.

Anyone with information about possible scooter thefts may call city police at 301-790-3700.

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