Antrim Township simplifies agreement with business park developer

September 29, 2010|By DANA BROWN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday revisited an agreement made with Atapco Properties that could speed up the development of a business park off Exit 3 of Interstate 81.

The board voted to change a previous agreement with Atapco regarding the construction and maintenance of two traffic lights to be installed at the offramps at Exit 3 as part of the planned business park.

Under the new agreement, Atapco will construct the two lights and pay the township a lump sum of $100,000 for each traffic light.

The previous agreement called for Atapco to build the lights, pay for the maintenance costs in perpetuity for one light and pay a lump sum to the township for the maintenance of the second light.


Antrim Township Administrator Brad Graham said the new agreement "simplifies and reduces paperwork for the township and the developer.

"The process has gone on maybe longer than it needed to, but we're starting to see it come together and the developer can hopefully get started soon," he said.

The money from Atapco will be put in an account set up for the maintenance of the traffic lights, Graham said.

Rick Baer, chairman of the board of supervisors, said "the original agreement would have basically made more work for staff."

"This is going to simplify things," he said.

Pat Coggins, Atapco vice president of development, said the first agreement would have added challenges to marketing the property but he was willing to make the agreement in an effort to move the business park project forward.

Coggins said the new agreement will help his company "tremendously" when it comes to marketing and administrating the property.

"I was kind of surprised that they had a change of heart and I welcome it," Coggins said. "It was definitely courageous of the supervisors to revisit the issue. They are trying to do the right thing for the township."

Before signing the agreement, the board of supervisors must enact an ordinance establishing the traffic lights, Graham said. He expects the supervisors will enact the ordinance at the board meeting Oct. 12.

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