Letters to the Editor

September 29, 2010

Who are the real Christians?

To the editor:

On Saturday, Sept. 25, more than 1,000 Christians converged on the Hagerstown Fairgrounds to serve 4,000 special guests from the area who received 600 pairs of new shoes, 300 free haircuts, 1,000 free medical exams, countless free family portraits, thousands of bags of free groceries, thousands of free lunches, special prayer, and the Gospel message of God's love - the Convoy of Hope.

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, six to 10 people plan to be picketing in front of North Hagerstown High School with signs that say God hates everybody except them. They are from Kansas.

Compare the two events then read in the New Testament John, Chapter 13 Verse 35.

John R. Miller, Jr.

Ruth Anne Callaham for commissioner

To the editor:

I recently read on Facebook that Ruth Anne Callaham is running for a seat on the Board of County Commissioners in Washington County. I decided the people in your community would like to know what the family thinks of her. My name is Pat Onnen and I live in another great city - Louisville, Ky. Ruth Anne is my cousin.


We have had family reunions every two years since 1976. No matter where she lives she and her family consistently travel more miles than any other member of the family. Their trips to Kentucky consist of 12-14 long hours. She and her family are also here for special occasions such as the deaths of my mom and dad.

I have known Ruth Anne all her life and I know without a shadow of doubt that she has never betrayed her commitment to her family, our country or any other cause in which she has been associated. I am sure the people in Washington County appreciate her dedication and loyalty as executive director of Food Resources Inc. for the past seven years. She also served on a number of other boards and was named among "Maryland's Top 100 Women of 2009."

Ruth Anne is very dedicated to her immediate family, which includes her 90-year-old mother. Her children and grandchildren are always a top priority no matter whether it's a problem or a celebration. I shouldn't leave out Art, her husband. They have been married for 39 years and have always demonstrated loyalty, love and respect to each other.

Because of her dedication and loyalty to everything she undertakes I would not hesitate to vote for Ruth Anne Callaham for County Commissioner. She will serve the citizens of Washington County as if they were part of her large family.

Pat Onnen
Louisville, Ky.

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