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September 26, 2010

Parrott has shown tremendous leadership abilities

To the editor:

You can imagine my delight when Neil Parrott won his primary. Neil and his wife, April, have accomplished something never seen in this community: organizing, leading and encouraging ordinary citizens to speak up for the freedoms and values they hold dear.

Through Taxed Enough Already (TEA) gatherings, they helped us to feel confident about speaking boldly and truthfully. In this effort, they have contacted via phone and e-mail. They have hosted homemade sign- and poster-making sessions.They have pre-established committees to accomplish specific tasks. They have facilitated TEA Parties in an orderly and nonviolent manner, not to mention in inclement weather.

In addition, through the My Freedom, My Future, My America speech contest, they have motivated young people to write opinion pieces about the worth of our country and its meaning to them -- some of which were subsequently printed in The Herald-Mail.


They organized multiple bus trips to the U.S. Capitol to allow us to express our feelings on personal freedom, government spending, increasing government debt and government-run health care. They raised funds for those who wanted to go but were unable to afford the bus fare.

My personal familiarity with Neil and April Parrott leaves me very impressed. Their ability to energize politically uninvolved citizens regarding the financial impacts and reductions in personal freedoms we face cannot and should not be underestimated. Having a candidate with Neil's family orientation and understanding of the education system not to mention his hands-on small business experience, is about as perfect as it gets. Having him represent us in Annapolis would be like taking "money to the bank."

Tom Janus

We want to take our country back to its founding principles

To the editor:

Driving back home from the Sept. 12 rally in Washington, we stayed in Hagerstown. Reading Raymond Young's questions in his letter to the editor ("Change is coming whether you want it or not," Monday, Sept. 13, page A4), I felt a need to respond.

We want to take our country back to the principles of our founding.

The unrest that spawned the Tea Party movement began with the TARP and government bailout of the auto industry. Companies that cannot compete in the open market can and should go through reorganization via bankruptcy court, often making companies stronger and more competitive. This would've been fair to the bondholders whose rights were usurped by the government.

Borrowing and spending on "recovery," more bailouts and gifts to the unions increased our debt. The passage of the health care bill will cost everybody more, will put the health insurance companies out of business and leave us dependent on the government. Oh, and the bill was not read by those who voted for it. It excludes them and is unconstitutional.

Coming soon is a cap-and-trade bill that will raise costs to everyone who uses any form of energy. If the Senate doesn't pass it, the EPA will do the job by regulating life-sustaining carbon dioxide as a "greenhouse gas."

In the works, too, are "sustainable communities," thanks to the coalition of the Transportation Department, EPA and HUD. They require buildings with shops on the ground floors, apartments or condos above, connected to rail, bus and train stations that you can access on your bicycle. The central planners will never live there, just the common people.

All of this is part of UN Agenda 21. Look it up. Google it. You won't believe anyone who describes it.

Our children and grandchildren will inherit a huge debt with less freedom. For these reasons, we must vote the liberals out.

Jim Dugan
Hebron, Ky.

Poffenberger's actions speak louder than his words

To the editor:

Brien Poffenberger's campaign for the 2B Seat in the Maryland House of Delegates is an important race for all of us who care deeply about the future of Washington County.

I am sure you have seen his signs around town. His message is pretty simple: "Putting Washington County First." But what does he mean by that?

He means that Washington County's needs are more important than divisive party politics. He knows that partisan bickering only hurts Washington County and gives Annapolis even more reasons to ignore us up here. But more importantly, he knows what the local issues are and has a proven track record for getting things done for our county.

I led the committee that hired Brien as the Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce's president six years ago, and I chaired the Chamber's board for his first year on the job. In that role, Brien put together a coalition of businesses, local governments, and nonprofits to develop a Washington County agenda to take to Annapolis, and it worked. The coalition can take credit for helping to win support for the new library downtown, stopping the release of out-of-county prisoners into our community, protecting our gaming revenue and getting Big Slackwater on the C&O Canal fixed.

Actions speak louder than words. Take action on Nov. 2 and vote for Brien Poffenberger.

Ed Lough

Listening to the Tea Party could be dangerous

To the editor:

If only we will listen to the Tea Party, we can destroy our government and become as helpless as Haiti during future crises.

J.A. Hatcher

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