Letters to the Editor

September 24, 2010

Beck rally was about fellowship and love

To the editor:

Regarding Burr Loomis' letter to the editor of Sept. 2 ("'Reclaim the dream' impresses conservative," page A4): You might be a conservative, like George Bush or Nancy Pelosi are conservatives. I love how moderates and liberals say they are Republicans and conservatives to get published.

We conservatives don't have to state our party. It shows by our actions. My son and his family were at the Aug. 28 Restoring Honor rally and at the Sept. 12 rally, and more than 400,000 people, not 87,000 people reported by CBS, were there.

I watched both groups on C-SPAN (a nonbiased network) and I note, you and the editors of this paper forgot that Martin Luther King's niece Alveda spoke at the Restoring Honor gathering. On MSNBC, she told Al Sharpton and the NAACP she would not participate in any of their activities, as she found them improper and not what Martin Luther King wanted for this nation.


She is a real civil rights star, unlike Mr. Sharpton, who proclaimed so much hate speech at his rally, I was moved to turn it off, but I did watch it and the 1,000 or so (actually less) who were with him practiced the worst kind of racism I have seen in some time.

The Restoring Honor rally proclaimed no ranting, but love and fellowship to all. They truly honored Dr. King, unlike the disgraceful Sharpton and his speakers.

Sharpton planned his rally after Glenn Beck. He had not planned a rally honoring Dr. King on that day in Washington or anywhere else.

I stood by my mother at Vanderbilt in 1961 and Selma in 1963. I watched her be manhandled and could do little to help her. I was spit on at school and fought many battles there. I know what racism looks like, feels like and sounds like, and I did not see, feel or hear racism from any of the Restoring Honor crowd or speakers, especially the words spoken by Alveda King.

God Bless America, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and that wonderful, loving woman, Alveda King.

Thomas Mooningham

People should not deceive the government

To the editor:

How I pray that someday, somehow, someone from the government would grant me permission to gather a report on everyone I see (not suspect) who is taking advantage of our government today in heathen acts of dishonesty.

1. Those who are on total disability, and are unable to support their families, and yet they are well able to do what they want to do, when they want to do it.

2. Those who are drawing unemployment, and yet they continue to work for cash so as not to be found out.

3. Those who can waste their substance on fancy vehicles, vacations, purchase their wants, neglect their needs, and then get food stamps and fuel assistance to fill their bellies, and keep them warm.

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked." You might think that all is well in what you are doing today in the government, supporting the heathens who are taking advantage of it when it is already trillions of dollars in debt, and growing larger every day.

But you can rest assured that God's word has not changed, (and never will) and that one day "Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess." There is no escaping it for anyone (might be sooner than you think).

You might have no guilt now for doing your works of dishonesty, but one day you will for eternity.

Nancy Martin

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