Mail Call

September 23, 2010

"I wanted to thank The Herald-Mail for its wonderful coverage of the Kirk Cameron event that our church hosted. You all did a wonderful job. It was just beautifully done. You definitely deserve congratulations." - Halfway

"Chris Shank has a much higher goal in Maryland politics than being a local senator, and he'll use Washington County toward this goal. Good luck with trying to get in touch with him on any local situations for help. He will be in the bigger cities, mingling with the higher-ups so he can try to move further up for this goal. All Don Munson wanted to be was a senator for this community, where he could help out, and he was always there when it came to local issues. We won't have that now." - Hagerstown

"See ya, Don Munson. It's been too long - way too long, in fact. Sorry about your luck. It's been a long 35 years." - Hagerstown


"I have a little test for the people that think the Republicans are going to do something with Social Security. First question, which political party took Social Security for the independent trust fund and put it into a general fund? Which political party eliminated the income tax deduction from Social Security withholding? Which political party started taxing Social Security? Which political party decided to start giving annuity payments to the immigrants, even though they never gave anything into it?" - Williamsport

"As I look at the election results in the paper this morning, I ... are there any Democrats in the district at all? Am I the only one? You know, you Republicans are always crying about you want the incumbents out. Well, the only way to get Roscoe out of there, you are going to have to vote for Mr. Duck. You're going to have to cross party lines and vote for Mr. Duck. You've been hollering for the last year and a half. My Republican friends, if you don't vote for Mr. Duck, Roscoe's going to be in there again." - Hagerstown

"Sharpsburg caller, you're ridiculous. In Washington or Frederick County, one has a legal right to defend one's self against a dog attack, and you certainly wouldn't go to jail for doing so. I'm more conservative than Rush Limbaugh, and I don't consider an unnecessary, slow, agonizing horrible death of an animal 'petty stuff,' and I'd report an animal in danger, and I applaud compassionate people who do so. And with your liberal garbage, I'm angry that someone might assume that we conservatives share your callous, cruel viewpoint." - Frederick, Md.

"The person in the paper who was complaining and blaming the Republicans for the mess we're in now, he's got to go back to the Bush administration. His first seven years was great; 4.5 percent unemployment, and they're trying to scare the older people into thinking that the Republicans get in, they're going to take their Social Security and privatize it, put it in the market." - Hagerstown

"To the Hagerstown caller complaining of a lady spending $75 on dog food: While I agree $75 is totally outrageous, did you ever think that her dog might need that special kind of food for health reasons, to survive? Did you ever think that to her, that dog may be her child, and she's going without to be able to spend that? I know this from my own experience, but I'm lucky in that I 'only' spent $45 on my dog's food." - Greencastle, Pa.

"To the caller from Williamsport who thinks that this estate tax or death tax is a bunch of hullabalooing: You obviously have never done a tax return, and you do not understand a tax return, because, yes, it will hurt small family farms if this tax is put back into place. And it will hurt people who inherit, because people's property increases in value over their lifetime, and it's not unusual for some of these farms to go over the million mark." - Smithsburg

"The Republicans in Washington County have spoken, and elected Chris Shank to be the next senator to represent them in Maryland. Munson needs to stop saying nasty things in the paper about Chris that have no truth. He portrayed him as a rat, and now putrid and vile. What Chris said about Don in his mailers was the truth, and Don, you just can't handle it." - Washington County

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