Fans bring electricity to the fields


September 23, 2010|By BIG SYDNEY

Ah, fans. You gotta love 'em.

Just when you think the novelty of running onto a professional ballfield had worn off, here they come again. This time, it's a guy jumping the wall covered from head to toe in red spandex at a Philadelphia Phillies game.

I wore a suit like that once, but it was a paid part as the Fruit Of The Loom apple.

And what is it that makes the fans in Philadelphia so eager to get on the field? Don't they remember this is the same place a teenager got tasered a couple months ago for doing the same thing?

I'm shocked the fans still feel that urge to get on the field. I know that it's an electric experience at the stadium, especially during a pennant race. It's very easy to get amped up for something like that. But as a fan, you have to remain plugged in.


Otherwise, you have to be prepared to ride the lightning.

The freakshow in red got off lucky. One of the security crew had his taser drawn and at the ready. He must have been sympathetic to the plea: "Don't tase me, bro!"

Instead, the giant replica of a red blood cell simply got tripped up by Atlanta outfielder Matt Diaz, who must have been channeling a much kinder, much gentler former Baltimore Colt named Mike Curtis.

Nowadays, the unions don't want the players to get involved, which is too bad. Instead, you get the guys who are in about the same shape as me -- round -- running around in their canary yellow 'Event Staff' jackets chasing a guy down while reliving their high school football playing days, hoping for one clean shot at the guy.

And if they don't get it, they use their sidearm to jolt him back to reality.

Talk about keeping a guy grounded!

On with the predictions. Last week 17-6 (.739); season 47-18 (.723).


Catoctin 45, Boonsboro 8

Clear Spring 24, Clay-Battelle 14

Hancock 14, Carson Long Military 6

South Hagerstown 33, Smithsburg 12

Williamsport 16, Brunswick 14

CD East 18, Chambersburg 13

Northern 27, Waynesboro 6

Gettysburg 21, James Buchanan 8

Martinsburg 17, Fort Hill 10

Sherando 19, Jefferson 3

University 22, Hedgesville 8

Greencastle 31, West Perry 6

Petersburg 16, Berkeley Springs 12

Saint James 28, Randolph-Macon 8

North Hagerstown 34, North East 7

Hun School 19, Mercersburg Academy 10

Washington 13, Pope John Paul the Great 12


Maryland 27, Fla. International 14

Penn State 48, Temple 17

Shepherd 23, Seton Hill 3

LSU 33, West Virginia 22


Washington 24, St. Louis 21

Baltimore 16, Cleveland 14

Pittsburgh 9, Tampa Bay 7

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