Mail Call

September 22, 2010

"You know, I'm so proud of my granddaughter, I have to tell somebody. She was a graduate of South High, and served two tours in Iraq as a platoon sergeant, and she come back from there and went to school and got to be a warrant officer. She graduated from there, went into airborne training, the 82nd Airborne training, and just got done jumping out of a plane, and she graduates from that Friday. So I just want to tell somebody. I'm so proud of her." - Hagerstown

"What's it really going to take to get the illegals off these jobs so the many which are unemployed can work again? Some of us can't get unemployment and have no other choice but to solicit our work to make a living, but of course it is illegal to do that and not have a license. But then again it is illegal to hire illegals and no one is doing a thing about that. What are they going to do, jail us and not the illegals? Our government has double standards. Tired of being unemployed and broke and about to be homeless. Does anyone in office care?" - Washington County


"Boonsboro, just because a person doesn't agree with the president doesn't mean they hate him. I don't agree with my sister always, but I don't hate her. Perhaps you should listen to C-SPAN or use the government websites that congressmen and senators have. Republicans have suggested many things to President Obama. Demos went behind closed doors at midnight on the health care bill. I listen to C-SPAN and have seen Republicans give their opinion. Many have gotten smart remarks from Obama." - Hagerstown

"Good editorial from Allan Powell in Saturday's paper. Found it very informative. Who knows, maybe he will write a similar editorial on maximum government and discuss the amount of financial support that people like George Soros is throwing into the political arena." - Warfordsburg, Pa.

"Hagerstown caller, If President Obama isn't sending jobs overseas, why did he just send $28 million to Sri Lanka to (teach) the unemployed fluent English, computers, networking, $10 million for teaching textile manufacturing and construction through USAID, a U.N. deal? His own Congress and Senate asked him not to send more jobs overseas." - Hagerstown

"On my way to work this morning, an elderly man had fallen out of his wheelchair, it appeared, while trying to cross the road on Jefferson Boulevard across from PONY League. A young woman in a black Scion and another man in a white Dodge truck stopped to help him. This happened Sept. 14 around 7:10 a.m. It was great to see there are still kind people willing to stop and help, when I'm sure, like everyone, they were on their way to work. I just wanted to say thank you. Seeing that changed my entire mindset for the day." - Smithsburg

"Let me explain something to the person from Hagerstown who says the only person that ever fooled with Social Security was the Democrats. I beg your pardon. I think Richard Nixon took a big hunk out of Social Security and never put it back in. I don't know how old you were, but I was there at the time. Also, this privatizing of Social Security is a Republican idea. It was Bush's idea, which got stopped. ... You might as well just gamble with your Social Security on the craps table if you're going to do that." - Washington County

"I earn $50,000 a year. If I made $250,000 a year, I'd feel rich, and it wouldn't bother me one bit if I had to pay four or five hundred dollars more a year in taxes. That's just pocket money." - Hagerstown

"This is in response to the lifelong Republican bashing Glenn Beck. From reading your article, it seems to me you are relying on others to form your opinions of Glenn Beck. MSNBC, the New York Times and the Huffington Post are the big-time bashers of Beck. It is very unfair to put Glenn Beck in the same light as Jim Jones. Beck is not after a person's soul. ... If you haven't noticed by now, our government, though the best, is one of the most corrupt and disorganized on both sides of the aisle." - Hagerstown

"I just found out that E. Russell Hicks spent thousands of dollars to put new signs out front, instead of getting something for the students, like laptops or some sort of technology. I just think it's a shame." - Hagerstown

"I wanted to call and thank the Hagerstown City Police. Sunday night, one of the officers was driving down my alley and noticed my garage door was open, and knocked on the door at 1:00 in the morning to let me know the door was open, so I could close it and keep my tools from being stolen. So I wanted to say thank you very much. I didn't even know you patrolled the alleys. That's a great service. Thank you very much." - Hagerstown

"I wanted to call and thank whoever turned the lights back on at the Washington monument in Boonsboro. They look very nice. I really enjoy them. Thank you." - Boonsboro

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