Washington County briefs

September 22, 2010|By HEATHER KEELS

Design costs rise for Robinwood Drive widening project

Storm-water management issues and other unforeseen design work have increased design costs for a Robinwood Drive widening project by $79,696, Robert Slocum, the county's deputy director of public works, said Tuesday.

However, even with the increase, design costs remain well under budget, Slocum said. The engineering and design budget is $483,000, and the original design contract was for about $204,000, he said.

The roughly $7.1 million project involves widening Robinwood Drive from two lanes to a four-lane divided roadway between Robinwood Medical Center and Hagerstown Community College, Slocum said.

The Washington County Commissioners voted Tuesday to approve the change order for the additional cost and 141 additional days of engineering services.


Commissioners to honor 'certificates of guarantee'

The Washington County Commissioners voted Tuesday to honor "certificates of guarantee" as an acceptable form of security for private developers to guarantee completion of subdivision infrastructure.

The certificates, issued by associations of contractors on behalf of members, will be considered an alternative to traditional performance bonds, letters of credit and maintenance bonds.

The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation in 2006 allowing Washington County to accept this type of surety, and a developer now has requested permission to use it, said Joseph Kroboth III, the county's public works director.

The certificate would come from the Development Guaranty Group of Montgomery County, which requires members to post security deposits and assume joint liability for all certificates issued, according to the association's website.

Fayetteville (Pa.) Contractors awarded $456,562 contract for water supply-related project

The Washington County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to award a $456,562 contract to Fayetteville (Pa.) Contractors Inc. for a water supply-related project in the Mount Aetna area.

That company submitted the lower of two bids for the project, said Karen R. Luther, the county's purchasing agent. The other bidder, Kinsley Construction Inc. of Hagerstown, submitted a bid of $554,255.

The county built a new well last summer to serve as a supplemental water supply for the Mount Aetna area, and the project will connect that water source to the treatment facility, said Mark Bradshaw, deputy director of environmental management for engineering services. The contract also includes pipe replacement work that was combined with that project for efficiency, Bradshaw said.

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