Letters to the Editor

September 20, 2010

Behavior of Munson, Jenkins was childish

To the editor:

On Sept. 14, state Sen. Donald F. Munson was sent packing by the voters. In the southern Washington County portion of Subdistrict 3B, incumbent Del. Charles A. Jenkins was beaten by a 2-to-1 margin.

In both cases a moderate, or rather values-free, Republican was handily beaten by a candidate who actually stood for something more substantial than a belief that they are entitled to hold office.

By the rules we all learned in kindergarten, the loser should have congratulated the winner and offered their unqualified support to their party's candidate. Instead, Jenkins has endorsed the Democrat and Munson is refusing to support Del. Christopher B. Shank after, according to newspaper reports, going so far as to explore a write-in campaign or running as a Democrat.


Political parties exist because they share ideas, and candidates who have used a party's colors to run for office should have the common decency to respect the will of the voters when they lose. This petty and churlish behavior on the part of Munson and Jenkins is the main reason that the majority of the Republican Party, which self-identifies as conservative, has come to dislike moderate Republicans while we merely oppose Democrats. At least the Democrats never pretend to be a member of our party.

Bill Crews
Knoxville, Md.

Write in Munson's name in November election

To the editor:

Fellow progressives, registered Democrats and independents: Let's join those Republicans who voted for state Sen. Donald F. Munson - as well as those who might not have voted in the primary election, but support him - in a groundswell write-in campaign. Let's rally our support by word of mouth for our finest, most distinguished public servant who has worked effectively for everyone in our community for more than 30 years.

Munson has cited the unsuccessful history of write-in campaigns. None of those candidates, however, had comparable stature. Not one had delivered comparable results for Washington County over decades. Not one had enjoyed his earned, bipartisan respect in our state legislature. He has earned and deserves a public write-in initiative to continue his public service.

Let's go to the polls in the general election and write in our votes for Munson.

Lawrence Angle

Sept. 11 parade turned into an election parade

To the editor:

Whatever happened to the words, "United we stand"? Are we still standing united as one nation under God? I don't think so.

When the Sept. 11 tragedy occurred, a lot of Americans came together. Now, it seems we are divided we fall. We fell and grew apart. I realize a lot of us want to forget it ever happened, but the fact is it did indeed.

I was a participant in the 9/11 Remembrance Parade in Boonsboro because I have a flag I fly often that is in memory of Sept. 11. It shows tears coming down from an eagle's eyes with the Twin Towers in flames.

I displayed it in the parade, but I noticed people displaying signs that had to do with the primary election that didn't have anything to do with Sept. 11 at all. People turned this parade into an election campaign parade when I thought it was to be in remembrance of Sept. 11. I was disappointed.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.

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