Mail Call

September 20, 2010

"We are calling to publicly thank a very wonderful Hagerstown lady who went out of her way Sept. 3 to show us how to get to the new location of the Social Security office. It was very deeply appreciated, and thank you again, and many blessings."

- Taneytown, Md.

"No disrespect to the 82-year-old caller, but Bush administration had very low unemployment rate until the Demos took the Congress four (years) ago, and the rich men you referred to were Frank, Dodd, Obama ... and many of the president's friends. Demos and ACORN wanted poor to have a home, knowing they couldn't afford it, and we and our grandchildren are paying for this. President Obama is keeping the poor on welfare and the rich are to pay them to sit."

- Hagerstown

"Terry Jones, the pastor of the nonsignificant Dove World Outreach Center, has the constitutional right to burn the Quran. But this right does not make it morally right. Likewise, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has the constitutional right to build his mosque at ground zero. But this right does not make it morally correct. In fact, Thomas Sowell is correct in calling the proposed mosque a 13-story middle finger to America. What is interesting, however, is that President Obama calls Jones to express his concerns. But even after Rauf makes veiled threats ... Obama is once again silent."


- Chambersburg, Pa.

"Someone once wrote a song using the words 'God Bless America,' which led a lot of simple people to assume that America is God's chosen or favorite country. Now those people are worrying that we are somehow losing that special position with God. It was just a song, people. Read your Bible. God loves all his children. Nowhere does it say that he loves Americans more."

- Washington County

"To the person who said in Mail Call we won in Iraq: How funny you are. Do you call all the deaths a win? How about the fact we blew the cities apart and are going to spend billions trying to rebuild them, we still have 50,000 troops there? Iraq doesn't have a functioning government, thanks to us. There will be a civil war one of these days, thanks to us. We didn't win, I just hope we get out of there and let them fight it out. Same goes for Afghanistan."

- Greencastle, Pa.

"Now we see the ugly truth behind the lovely rhetoric. Iman Rauf has come out and threatened - and make no mistake about that, it's a threat - that if the ground zero mosque is moved, even if he himself announces he's doing this of his own free will as a gesture of bridge building, sensitivity, etc., and condemns violence and urges only peaceful protest, Muslims throughout the world will go on violent rampages that may be worse than the Danish cartoon horrors. This is blackmail and extortion, pure and simple."

- Frederick, Md.

"I was reading Saturday's paper, in the morning's paper, and I see in there where gambling revenue is down, and they blame it on the recession. Well, that could be some of it, but you know what the most of it is? Cumberland gambling association said they're down bad, and Washington County said their gambling revenue's down bad. So when you people in the state of Maryland took smoking out of the bars, you gambling association people, you killed your own throat, you cut your own throat."

- Hagerstown

"I would like to say that I think it's time our government started taking care of our own people, the American people. Forget the foreign countries. Bring our boys home. It's time we quit butting into other affairs. It's costing us money. We support China. They killed us in Korea. Come on, America, let's get America again."

- Hagerstown

"Nice article on the bankruptcies, in The Herald-Mail on the 12th of September. A lot of excuses, everybody overstepped their authority, but how about Chapter 11, businesses that file bankruptcy, saying they're reorganizing and keep going for years and stiffing us, that owe us money."

- Leitersburg

"I understand that there's no grass along the highways, but I wish that the state and county roads would get out and mow the roads. There's big tall weeds, weeds that are 3 feet high along 68, 65. I just wish that someone would get the state road and the county people out there working."

- Boonsboro

"It is a crime for the U.S. to ignore our infrastructure. The U.S. gives billions to build up Third World countries. Other industrialized countries repair their country first. We need to replace or repair pipes under our streets. Some are 100 years old, and streets blowing up in New York, and now gas lines burning our citizens' homes, and maybe lives. To fix our pipes to protect U.S. citizens. We built the largest airport in the world in Vietnam."

- Williamsport

"It takes a very tiny mind - say, two operating brain cells, and a desperate person holding that tiny mind - to destroy campaign signs. You're destroying the First Amendment and the representative democracy, along with destroying campaign signs - not to mention that it's not doing your candidate any good to destroy the other guy's signs."

- Hagerstown

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