Mail Call

September 19, 2010

"Hey, you Democrat callers who rant on and on about how Republicans help the rich and hurt everyone else, have you heard how Obama and his Treasury Department - apparently even (Nancy) Pelosi and (Harry) Reid wouldn't pass this abomination - are proposing to give a new special tax deduction to, guess who? Yes, the trial lawyers, and only trial lawyers. This generous gift will cost the rest of us taxpayers over one and a half billion dollars. A truly wonderful example of how this administration helps the people. Aren't you proud and happy?"

- Frederick, Md.

"The story in the paper about filing for bankruptcy has been very enlightening. The line that really hit me was that housing price has gone down 39 percent here. Now, I'm wondering why my house taxes went up this year. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter what your house is worth, it's how much money it takes to run the county."


- Boonsboro

"I agree completely with the Mail Call person who said, 'Throw the bums out.' The problem is we will then have a new group of bums."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I travel I-70 from Hagerstown to Frederick and return every afternoon around 3. Why is it every day, the same two or three state police cars speed east on I-70? They speed, weave in and out of traffic, tailgate and certainly are not setting a good example. I know they are the same each day because I have written down their car numbers. If I am going 65, the speed limit, they are flying past like I am sitting still. And oh, I never see that they have stopped anyone."

- Hagerstown

"There was a measurable increase in the student population in Washington County schools this year, even though the residential construction industry has for some time been almost nonexistent due to the failed economy and exorbitant taxes and fees. This should settle the issue decried by no-growthers that new houses are responsible for increasing enrollment of schoolchildren. Maybe they will understand now that children are produced by people who live in any type of housing, not just new housing."

- Washington County

"I see that old rumor about Republicans taking away your Social Security has reared its ugly head again. No Republicans are proposing to change Social Security for current recipients or for those nearing retirement age. Social Security is going broke and something has to be done. The changes would be for younger people so they will have some Social Security in their future instead of nothing, which is what they'll get if there's no reform."

- Rohrersville

"Quite a few residents in the Old Forge Road, Herman Myers Road and Clopper Road area have seen and heard what seems to be a growing pack of coyotes in recent weeks. These are not wild dogs, they are definitely coyotes. What can be done to protect ourselves, children, property, animals and pets from these wild animals? We feel unsafe taking walks or just being out in our yards. Our small animals are falling prey. What's next, our children? I'm sure this isn't the only part of the county experiencing this problem. What can we do?"

- Hagerstown

"This is in response to the Maugansville caller. Maugansville Elementary has over 700 children this year and the doors are always opening from start of the day to the end of the day. The staff and children are always looking for his assistance and especially his smile. Thanks, Mr. Dave."

- Hagerstown

"This is how dumb America has become. Obama wants to pass a bill that gives 97 percent of Americans a tax break. The other 3 percent is people making $250,000 and up. Now, why wouldn't you want that? Why? Now, Fox News, when he gave his speech the other day, I watched it. They cut out everything he said before he said 'I will tax ...' They didn't say the words he said before the words he said after, just them few words. That's fair and balanced reporting."

- Hagerstown

"Restoring the Bush tax cuts is not a tax increase. Don't be fooled again. It's just back to what it was, or what it should be."

- Funkstown

"I've been sitting here reading the paper and hearing on TV the anger over a mosque at ground zero. Then, I just looked out my window. A tufted titmouse is splashing in the bird bath when a robin comes in for a drink. I watch them, and I think, you know, the robin didn't have to become a titmouse, or vice versa, to share the bath. And they don't even have to like each other. One can give a little squawk at the other, even ... but they go on with their business. So what's our problem?"

- Hedgesville, W.Va.

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