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John Munson decides not to run write-in campaign

Former county commissioner to support Aleshire

September 17, 2010|By HEATHER KEELS
  • John Munson

Former Washington County Commissioner John Munson said Friday he was withdrawing his status as a write-in candidate for commissioner and throwing his support behind candidate Kristin B. Aleshire.

"You can't win as a write-in," Munson said.

Munson, a Republican, said he was endorsing Aleshire, an incumbent and the lone Democrat running for commissioner, because of Aleshire's sense of fiscal responsibility.

"I am supporting him only, because I feel that (of) the ones that won the primary, he's the only one that understands the consequences of the downturn in the economy (and of) carrying $190 million debt in the county and paying $6.7 million a year interest on that debt," Munson said.

Munson, who was a commissioner from 2002 to 2006, ran for re-election on a promise that he would vote to rein in spending, quit borrowing and pay down the county debt. He finished seventh in a primary race for the five Republican spots on the ballot and filed the morning after the primary to run as a write-in candidate before changing his mind later this week.


Munson said Aleshire understands that in a time of state cutbacks and low transfer tax revenue, there are consequences to actions like adding employees, buying new vehicles and contracting out work that can be done in-house.

"I think ... if they don't cut the debt down and hold the line on taxes ... they're not going to have any choice, with all the cutbacks, but to raise tax -- property tax and county income tax," Munson said. "The people need to get up in arms and let these new ones know what they expect right off the bat."

Aleshire said Friday that his fiscal philosophy was not defined by party lines.

"I certainly am acutely aware of limitations in public dollars and have always exercised my public office in the manner of a conservative fiscal approach," he said.

Munson said he was not bitter about losing in the primary and had not given up his interest in one day being re-elected.

"If I'm still walking around in four years, I'll run again," he said.

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