Mail Call

September 14, 2010

"I would like to say my heart goes out to all the horses that died, and to the owners, I feel sorry."

- Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank the Community Free Clinic on Mill Street in Hagers-town, for seeing me and giving me medications. I've been able to work the last three years and take care of my family. I'd just like to thank them very much."

- Hagerstown

"Two schools, a medical center, an assisted living center, a hospital, and a projected office complex, to increase traffic by 400 more cars a day. What are you people thinking with? No regard for safety and former zone restrictions."

- Colonial Manor

"Why are there no cans of pumpkin in any of the grocery stores? Is there some kind of shortage?"

- Washington County

"Clinton kicked industry in the teeth in '93 with NAFTA. Now President Obama, the anointed one, is still trying to kick us in the groin (with) cap and trade, along with the global warming farce and health care. The liberal elitists are anti-American and anti-industry. But have no fear, these liberal progressives are going to dig early graves for seniors, with waiting lists that will always have someone higher on the list than us."


- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Why does Maryland require lead testing for a homeowner who wants to improve their property by adding windows or doors or carpeting or other home improvement jobs? This could be a reason not to remodel and employ people."

- Hagerstown

"We must learn when to be quiet on some of the little things to take care of bigger. Example: Mopeds. If you think tagging and insurance, etc., will create some revenue, remember this. Once one is tagged, etc., he will no longer have to get over for you. So is your problem that some do not want to share the road? We do not need revenue in these times. If we only stopped the wasteful stupid spending and controlled it, we could get it under control."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Regarding the plan to build a casino near Gettysburg Battlefield, I hope it is defeated, but greed and poor taste will probably win."

- Fayetteville, Pa.

"As a lifelong Republican, I can't keep quiet anymore. The last time I saw this much of a ruckus over one man it was back in the '70s, the Rev. Jim Jones. People are following this Glenn Beck blindly, like sheep. It's sad. My God, you're not even acting like Republicans. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln are rolling over in their graves. You're acting like nuts. Please, I beg you, stop this madness. Be a Republican again, a conservative."

- Hagerstown

"The person in Mail Call trying to explain the yield sign at Stotler Road is, of course, 100 percent wrong. When you have a yield sign, it means you slow or stop until the oncoming traffic has passed and it is safe to pull out. That is why the sign says 'yield.'"

- Williamsport

"The Republican leadership is saying don't judge them on what they've done in the past, but what they say they will do in the future, and yet the only things they propose are the same failures of the Bush administration."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I just finished reading the article about the Washington County Public Schools at an impasse with the teachers, and I just wanted to know, how does Washington County Public Schools expect to get good teachers and keep good teachers if they have a negotiated agreement and then they say they're not going to give the teachers their raises? Three percent is nothing, and the teachers deserve it."

- Smithsburg

"The liberal party call the Republican Party - the conservatives, that is - the party of 'no.' Most Americans are glad that they're the party of 'no,' to stop President Obama from doing all this foolish spending and trying to stop and trying to change our country from a capitalist country to a socialist country."

- Hancock

"Well, after reviewing all of the Mail Calls on the handicapped parking issue, I would also like to make a comment on that, that I think we need to look and see if the person has a tag, because I have a tag and I'm young, but I do have a handicap issue and therefore mine is legitimate. I don't think we need to look at people differently just because they're young and we don't know what's actually wrong with them."

- Hagerstown

"I used to travel the Boyd Road, until a four-wheeler went by me doing a wheelie. That was scary. I travel 56 now, and also, they are not allowed on the road. They call it off-road four-wheeling, not on-road four-wheeling. What they are doing is against the law. Maybe they will get caught before something serious happens, or find someplace else to run them."

- Clear Spring

"I took a bicycle ride to Hagerstown Friday evening, and I thought that's really ridiculous of some of those candidates trying to get re-elected, standing along the roadways holding their sign, signs, waving to people, waving to motorists. I came up on one of the people holding a sign and just, yeah, they stand real close to the dang roadway, obstructing traffic, I feel. ... They'd do anything to get re-elected."

- Greencastle, Pa.

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