Mail Call

September 11, 2010

"You people voting this November better watch what you're voting for because these Republicans, I listen to them every day, want to privatize your Social Security in the stock market - which you know what that's like - and they also want to cut your Medicare and some other things, and the Democrats the ones that got your Social Security, your Medicare ... so as long as I know, I'm 82, and they've been, the Republicans been for the rich, not the middle class, so watch yourself." - Hagerstown

"Could the person who is in charge of the noise on the square on Thursday nights please start cutting the music off at 9:00 since school is now back in service? The elementary kids catch the bus at 7:00 in the morning, and when you continue to play up until like 9:30, it's impossible to get them to settle down to get a good night's sleep in order to go to school the next day. Please have consideration for other people." - Hagerstown


"To the caller from Clear Spring who was asking if it's OK for four-wheelers to be on the road: Of course it is. Clear Spring's still in Washington County. The east end of Hagerstown, between Hagerstown and Chewsville, there's untagged vehicles on the road every night. Don't look to the sheriff's department to help get them off the road because everybody thinks it's their right. So why should Clear Spring be any different?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling to let the Maryland residents know of a fee applied for the MVA. It is called a MVA administration flag fee. This fee is applied to people who do not pay their parking ticket or red light camera tickets. I'm just letting the people know this because I was applied a fee and was not aware of this." - Sharpsburg

"It's time we looked at these other schools in Washington County, other than the Barbara Ingram school." - Sharpsburg

"I just wanted to call and say that with each passing week that goes by, Barack Obama has proved that anybody in our country can be elected president of the U.S. And I am a Republican." - Hancock

"This is for the person who lives on Howe Road in Hagerstown who had the yard sale. ... You need to take down your yard sale signs. They're everywhere on the street. The yard sale's over. Be a good community person and clean up your garbage that you left and did not take down. It's very confusing and very irritating for people who are looking for the yard sale and it's not there. Besides that, it's litter. Take the signs down." - Hagerstown

"We live near the school, and the cars are coming through here like unbelievable, and I'm trying to save maybe a child's life. They pick them up, their yellow car, white car, black car. They're crazy, racing through Mount Lena, and I'm so afraid a child is going to be killed. So if the police could check it out, thank you." - Mount Lena

"Time to re-read '1984.' Apparently, this book was before its time." - Hagerstown

"As a taxpayer, I could easily take care of this contract negotiation with public school system and the unions. Of course, the teachers are the - the teachers union is the largest voting block in the state of Maryland, so it'd probably be very difficult - but take cuts at the administrative level. Don't give the teachers a raise this year. Then, that money that you save and you collect after investing that money that you took from the cuts - and the reason they have a problem with seniority and stuff like that is, everything is kept secret." - Hagerstown

"Yes, a yield sign is different than a stop sign, but sometimes, a yield sign still requires you to stop. If both lanes of traffic on the highway are filled, then you've got to stop until the traffic gets by." - Clear Spring

"Our biggest debt comes from our wars and unnecessary war machines. You got the Asian wars, got religious wars, got race wars, political wars, economic wars, drug wars. If I were the anti-Christ, I'd say my plan is going well." - Hagerstown

"I was wondering why it is that the secretary at our school can have her TV on all day; however, I have received several notices from the school saying no electronic devices for myself when I go to volunteer, especially cell phones. Hmm, doesn't seem as if that's equity, does it?" - Clear Spring area

"The Iraq war was never paid for. It was borrowed money. A government official said it cost one trillion, not counting paying for all the wounded soldiers for years, and it will take us 50 years to pay for this war." - Williamsport

"Hagerstown caller who says the tea party aren't their kind of Republican, and Arizona voted for John McCain: Tea party people were Democrats and Republicans, black, white. Tea party was (about) Americans not wanting health care shoved down their throats, threatened by Demo Congress if they didn't sign up for it, they would be fined, jailed. Also, the new taxes Demos will put in effect in January. Socialized health care is against Constitution, as is forcing us to buy what we don't want." - Hagerstown

"I am of Protestant faith and believe in God. There is no doubt that the Taliban hide behind the Muslim faith to do bad. I fear that something similar could happen with the many Christian groups trying to gain government-elected offices. We want to think that they all have our country's best interest at heart, but I wonder." - Waynesboro, Pa.

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