South High senior Lexi Turano keeps her eye on goals

September 11, 2010|By HEATHER LOWERY
  • Lexi Turano, 17, a South Hagerstown High School senior, is interested in neuroscience. She is an intern at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md.
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Lexi Turano, 17, wanted more than a resume builder when looking for an internship -- she wanted experience.

This summer, Lexi, a senior at South Hagerstown High School, interned with the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md.

"Going into it, I didn't have any biology experience, besides honors biology as a freshman," Lexi said, "but my main reason for doing it is because I plan on doing research in college, and I needed to figure out if that was something I enjoy or not."

Lexi plans to continue her internship through the next year. Now that she has some experience with research, she said she will continue with her plans of doing research in college.

Although she's already busy with her internship, don't look for Lexi to take it easy. She's also the vice president of South High's National Honor Society. "I knew going in that it would probably be good to hold a position so I had a lot of say as to how things are done," she said.


She said she had a lot of help and support from the previous president and vice president of the society and from the current members.

Together, Lexi hopes that the society will be able to bring in a bigger junior class than the year before.

With all of the activities that National Honor Society is involved in, Lexi said that it is hard to get the group together at the same time, but said that is one of her goals for this year.

She's also fighting to keep her place as top of the Class of 2011.

"It's been quite a battle," she said. "But it's kind of always been a dream of mine, ever since I was a little kid."

Lexi said that the person she is competing with wants the title just as bad as she does.

"We'll see how it goes," she said.

Lexi has the title of a Triple Letter Winner, meaning she was a varsity athlete in three sports - soccer, basketball and track.

Lexi said she has been on the varsity teams of all three sports since freshman year.

"Sports are a very big part of me and my school," she said.

Lexi is involved in a variety of things, a variety that she said she hopes will help her in college.

"I feel like because I've pretty much tried to put myself in a range of things, I will be prepared for whatever college throws at me. I hope it will help me take things in stride," she said.

Lexi said she dreams of attending Johns Hopkins University, but is leaning toward St. Mary's College of Maryland.

"St. Mary's has a great psychology program that focuses a lot of neuroscience. Even though neuroscience is not a major there, a lot of their research is neuroscience based," she said.

If she were to attend St. Mary's, Lexi said she would major in psychology and have minors in neuroscience, biology and possibly cognitive science.

"I would like to work in a lab during college, continue as a lab tech, and hopefully run my own lab in the future. But that will depend on where my research takes me," Lexi said.

She is the daughter of Candi and Rob Turano of Hagerstown. "I know that they are very proud of me and they've been very supportive," Lexi said. "Now coming down to the college search, it's just as frustrating for them as it is for me, they are just trying to figure out what is best for me."

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