Letters to the Editor

September 10, 2010

Request to ease vets' landfill fees wasn't denied

To the editor:

In regards to the story in the Aug. 25 Herald-Mail with the headline "Request denied to ease landfill fees for vets," some clarification is needed.

Upon reading the headline and the story, one is left with the impression that the commissioners flat-out denied the request. Actually, the county sent a letter to the DAV chapter requesting additional information and clarification of the request. Among other things, it is necessary to know how many individuals would be affected and understand the request would benefit only those who live outside of an incorporated municipality and use the landfill. I am sure the initial request will form the basis for further discussion.

The story further quoted me as not being interested "in going down that road." Actually, my comment was made in regards to a general fund subsidy of an enterprise fund, not in regards to the commissioners' consideration of relief from landfill fees to disabled veterans.


The landfill is operated as an enterprise fund - a self-supporting enterprise where fees collected pay for the service being provided. Fees cannot simply be waived, but would have to be supplanted either through a general fund subsidy or increase in rates for other users. Many have worked long and hard to make funds such as these self-supporting through the creation of financial modeling and through the operation itself. The water and sewer operation is a perfect example of a general fund subsidy of a utility operation. That particular subsidy is scheduled to begin phasing out beginning next fiscal year.

Finally, I have the utmost respect for our veterans and fully understand we have them to thank for our freedoms. My father proudly served in the Korean War in the Marine Corps. I am, and will be forever, grateful for their service to our country.

William J. Wivell
Washington County commissioner

Shank is the best choice for state Senate

To the editor:

While state Sen. Donald F. Munson has been a friend to me and my family for many years, Del. Christopher B. Shank simply is a much better Maryland state Senate candidate on the issues.

Shank also has done more on governing issues of conscience and concern. He has worked hard and been there on behalf of general good governance issues as well as the concerns of Maryland's state employees (including correctional employees).

This conclusion has been reached on the basis of years of experience with both Munson and Shank, as well as my previous service as a Maryland Classified Employees Association (MCEA) local Maryland Prison Employees' MCEA chapter president, regional MCEA governor and member of the MCEA statewide board of directors.

Simply put: Christopher Shank is the best choice for Maryland state senator.

Larry D. Kump
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Editor's note: Larry D. Kump is a candidate for the 52nd District in the West Virginia House of Delegates

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