Mail Call

September 09, 2010

"I don't like the recent mailing Chris Shank sent out that was all about Munson, all very negative. Chris Shank's picture or nothing was ever mentioned. It was all about negative stuff about Munson. I think that was dirty politics, and if Chris Shank were to beat Munson, I don't care for how many years he runs, I will never vote for the man, because I think that is really, really low. You don't need that, not in local politics." - Hagerstown

"To Chris Shank: I think it's time you act like a gentleman and keep your bad opinions to yourself, because you're only hurting yourself. You have met your match. You have a wonderful man running against you. Sorry, Mr. Munson will win." - Williamsport

"I, too, have received Chris Shank's mailers, but I don't find them at all negative, but informative. If you do some research, you will find that they are totally factual. Since Mr. Munson refuses to debate, how else will the voters receive any information about his record? A real example of negative campaigning is the vicious ad that Munson ran in Sunday's paper - an ad that was very expensive, by the way ... so before you complain about negative campaigning and expensive mailers, consider how much Munson has spent on these things." - Hagerstown


"I would like to congratulate Sen. Munson on being wise enough not to engage in a debate with Mr. Negativity himself, Chris Shank. There is no way to successfully counter, prove or disprove negative statements, and Mr. Shank is particularly adept at throwing ... negative statements around. So good for you, Sen. Munson. Stick to your guns." - Hagerstown

"To the person from Hagerstown who doesn't know Don Munson voted to fund CASA de Maryland, an organization that represents the interests of illegal immigrants, and not CASA, the organization for abused women. And yes, maybe there should be a test required for voters." - Boonsboro

"This is on Maryland's Senate race, District 2. Questions was asked and Mr. Munson and Mr. Shank both gave answers to what's the two top issues running, and Mr. Munson, you got in here two top issues in the election is jobs and taxes. Well, you know something, you've been the taxation man ever since you've been in there, I guess, and for some reason or another, now you're saying taxes need to go down. Well, taxes should have gone down a long time ago. ... It's kind of too late now." - Hagerstown

"For voters who are going to vote in this upcoming election, if you vote the same old politicians back in, in my opinion you have no right to complain about the service that they give you. The Munsons, and later on, the Mikulskis need to go. If you don't like the way the government ... is one who will do the people want, not what he wants to do, but what the people want, and that's what we want and that's the type of person we want in office. Go, Chris Shank." - Boonsboro

"Mr. Shank, that's Christopher Shank, you talk about dirty politics. Well, yours is about the nastiest that I have ever seen. You send out fliers to everybody in Washington County, apparently, or your district, downplaying Mr. Munson. I got them, I was happy to see them. Then I read them. Mr. Munson didn't send them - you did. I finally got one from Mr. Munson, stating the truth. I wouldn't vote for you, sir, if you were running for dog catcher." - Hagerstown

"I consider myself a person of integrity, and I will be voting for Chris Shank. ... Sen. Munson. He is for immigration, either legal or illegal, no matter what it costs our government." - Hagerstown

"After reading both Chris Shank's and Don Munson's answers to The Herald-Mail questions, I see very little difference in their positions on gays, illegal immigrants, taxes and government spending. Since Republicans make up only 25 percent of the General Assembly, neither of them will be able to cut your taxes. Those important decisions will be made by the Democrat majority. So do you want Shank, who is ... beating his head against the wall, or Munson who stays calm and works to get funding for Washington County projects?" - Washington County

"Before some of you gripe too much about politicians who have been in office 'too long,' remember Chris Shank has already been in there about 12 years, and looking for more. Seems he has nothing against being a 'career politician' himself. The scary part is he's already so disliked in Annapolis they've let it be known they'll do nothing for him (or Washington County) if you 'send him down here.' Sad but true. Welcome to the world of politics." - Hagerstown

"I like the idea of voting incumbent politicians out of office, as it is the only influence we have over them. The problem is the newly elected then has to be voted out also, because they then become the incumbent and will take on the political traits of the defeated. It's still worth a try." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"First of all, let me say I despise negative campaigning, which is all we have seen or heard from Chris Shank. If he has anything positive to say about himself, he is keeping it a secret. In contrast, we have heard nothing negative from Don Munson. Those two facts alone are enough for me to know who to vote for. How about you? Since Don Munson won't say it, I will: Chris Shank's ... behavior reminds me of a typical schoolyard bully, behavior we do not need in Annapolis." - Hagerstown

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