County coaches provide platefuls to chew on


September 09, 2010|By BIG SYDNEY

Football coaches have a license to thrill.

They pump up their teams. They make fans wait breathlessly with anticipation for the next game.

And they are great to listen to when they are talking about their teams. If you listen closely, some one will take a walk away from the mild side and give us something to chew on.

I'm all for that. I love to chew.

But with a number of these guys, I find more meat on my Chip-n-Dip table leg.

I had nothing to do the other day, so I used my ultra broadband connection -- the only thing bigger might be the stretch on my coaching shorts -- to get to The Herald-Mail's website and read all the football previews.

So I was thinking ... using what all the area coaches said about their teams, what would their licenses say if they were turned into vanity plates?


Clear Spring fancies itself as one of the up-and-coming teams in the area after a big turnaround last season. Would that mean that Craig Bathgate would be donning "MoVinUp" on the front bumper of his ride?

Over in Hancock, Dave Mahaffey is committed to having the Panthers perfect his offense of choice, which has been in the game since leather helmets. Since his team is young, his plate would probably be "WINGiT" because the young Panthers are trying to perfect it all on the fly.

Dan Cunningham says his North Hagerstown team is so banged up, Little Heiskell is carrying a Blue Shield. So, since it might take some time to see the real Hubs, his is "CUsL8R" because the Hubs might be using subs until everything rubs the right way.

n With 16 seniors on the 25-player roster, Saint James coach Chris Milmoe has an experienced squad. Everywhere he looks, he sees a senior. For that reason, Milmoe's ride dons a plate that says "SrSaint."

Clayton Anders always has one goal in mind before he looks to set another -- that is for Boonsboro to have a winning season. After the Warriors crack the .500 mark in their 10-game schedule, it is all gravy. So Anders should be sporting "6T4T21A," because if Boonsboro wins six of 10, then it can think about the playoffs.

No matter what happens at Smithsburg, one thing is constant -- the Leopards are just a small spot in the big scheme of their conference, thus "MsVhAsL" would be fitting for Buddy Orndorff's plate, since The 'Burg is the smallest school in the league.

Over at Williamsport, Randy Longnecker still has a bitter taste in his mouth over the way things worked last year for the Wildcats. Losing three close games was the difference between 5-5 and 8-2 and a sure trip to the playoffs. In a lot of ways, Longnecker's plate is "SoClose" for obvious reasons.

Toby Peer comes to town bringing a selfless attitude to South Hagerstown. The players are buying into working as a team and without fanfare to come away winners. So, since identity isn't a Rebels staple, the "MyNmeIs" on his golf cart would keep it all together.

On with the picks. Last week: 13-6. Season: 13-6 (.684).


South Carroll 33, Boonsboro 14

Clear Spring 20, East Hardy 16

Frederick 27, North Hagerstown 10

Walkersville 35, Smithsburg 12

Urbana 34, South Hagerstown 22

Williamsport 15, Northern Garrett 7

Chambersburg 24, Waynesboro 7

Thomas Johnson 31, Martinsburg 26

Broad Run 26, Jefferson 12

Mountain Ridge 34, Hedgesville 16

Sherando 21, Washington 7

Musselman 14, James Wood 12

Greencastle 21, New Oxford 17

James Buchanan 17, Carson Long Military 9

Mercersburg Academy 17, Springarn 14

Saint James 35, Hancock 32


West Virginia 24, Marshall 10

Shepherd 32, St. Joseph's (Ind.) 17

Maryland 28, Morgan State 7

Alabama 24, Penn State 19


Steelers 24, Falcons 17

Cowboys 28, Redskins 20

Ravens 29, Jets 16

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