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Letters to the Editor

September 08, 2010

People should have the right to choose assisted suicide

To the editor:

A recent newspaper article by Jerry Dincin, Death with Dignity, was very enlightening. A Baltimore physician is awaiting trial in both Arizona and Georgia accused of assisted suicide. I fully agree with Jerry Dincin and as the article points out, persons suffering from incurable diseases should have the right to end their lives by some means that is painless and quick and to be assisted by a qualified physician with the least trauma possible.

With onset of much future needs for assisted living Health Care facilities it would be beneficial to allow those persons with incurable diseases to be allowed to end their lives and provide care for those who are not suffering and wish to live out their lives. Dementia is one disease that at the present time is incurable and a law should be in place to provide assisted death for those that have chosen this way out by signing a statement when they are of good mentality, to the effect that they prefer this way out, if confronted with dementia and other incurable diseases.


We are allowed to put down an animal that is incurable or suffering, why not human beings? We are allowed to refuse medical treatment to hasten death, why not make it morally and lawfully acceptable to have assisted death? There is an organization in the U.S. called "Final Exit Network" (F.E.N.) that is hopefully paving the way to provide assisted death. Those interested in more information on (F.E.N.) can access their website at

Tom Wilhelm

Group that plans picket is full of hatred and venom

To the editor:

This is an open letter to North Hagerstown High School students:

Not all things are as they appear. There is a group that will be picketing your school the morning of Oct. 5. They will claim to be speaking for God as they spew their hatred and claim God wants to punish you and all of America.

Please be assured that this group does not in any way represent my church or any of the churches I know in this area. They claim to be Christians, but I challenge you to read in the Bible the story of Christ and you will discover Jesus would never have advocated their kind of hatred and venom. Jesus spoke the truth.

There is a heaven and a hell, and your place is determined by whether you diligently seek God or not. But God gives you this choice, and treats you with respect, since he has created each one of you with great worth in his image. The God of the Bible longs for you to accept him because he loves you. I assure you he does not treat you like the picketers will on Oct. 5.

Dan Thornton
Maranatha Brethren Church

Please vote: Citizenship requires our participation

To the editor:

With blessings come responsibility. The citizens of this great nation have been blessed more than any other people on the face of the Earth. Citizenship requires our participation.

Voting is probably the most important responsibility a citizen has in a representative republic. The people in Annapolis and Washington, D.C., are representing us. The decisions they make can have a major impact on our lives for years to come. That's why it's important to be an informed voter.

Not only that, we need to elect leaders who are informed. The present Congress passed a health care bill that was more than 2,000 pages long and no one who voted for it read the whole thing. Is that good government? In America, we get the government we deserve because we, the people, get to elect our leaders.

Please inform yourself and vote. If you can, but choose not to vote, then you have no right to complain about our leaders.

I can't vote because I am only 14 years old, but I am counting on you.

James Merson

State employees deserve to get pensions

To the editor:

I am writing in response to Tim Rowland's column, "Serafini's pension system fix could save state, GOP," which was published in the Aug. 15 edition of The Herald-Mail.

Rowland sides against existing public employees' pension systems by promoting Del. Andrew A. Serafini's message that plans based on individual stock market investments would be cheaper for the public and better for employees. We disagree.

The current system depends on employee and employer contributions that are invested and from there become the basis for a formula-based benefit. Because of the pooling of benefits among all employees and a long-term perspective, this type of plan provides greater security to employees and stability to the system.

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