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September 06, 2010

Poole goes GOP, temporarily

D. Bruce Poole was a Democrat when he lost to Christopher B. Shank in a 1998 state delegate race.

For now, he's a Republican.

Election records show that Poole changed his enrollment Aug. 18 -- six days before the deadline for people to switch and still vote in the Sept. 14 primary.

He said he switched so he could vote in both the District 2 state Senate race and the Washington County Commissioners race, in which 12 Republicans are after five spots on the general election ballot.

"I want to vote for people who can get it done," whether Republican or Democrat, Poole said. "I'm tired of talk."


Shank is trying to win Donald F. Munson's Senate seat.

Poole is a contributor to Munson's campaign, having purchased two $100 fundraising tickets.

Asked how it feels to temporarily be a Republican, Poole replied, "I said my father's up in heaven and if you know him, he's just laughing right now."

Serafini's attributes

T-shirts showing allegiance to certain candidates were popular at the Aug. 25 Washington County Republican picnic.

Supporters of Del. Andrew A. Serafini had the most unusual.

Some shirts said, "Don't be a weenie -- Vote for Serafini."

Others said, "Serafini. Fiscally conservative. Pro family. Ruggedly handsome. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!"

UTU endorsements

The Maryland State Legislative Board of the United Transportation Union, based in Frostburg, has announced its picks for this year's state delegate and Senate elections. Locally, the UTU prefers:

o Sen. George C. Edwards, a Republican, in District 1

o Democrat Ronald Lohr in Subdistrict 1C

o Democrat Neil Becker in Subdistrict 2A

o Democrat Brien J. Poffenberger in Subdistrict 2B

o Del. John P. Donoghue, a Democrat, in Subdistrict 2C

o Democrat Paul Gilligan in Subdistrict 3B

The organization has not made picks in the Senate races in Districts 2 and 3.

AFL-CIO choices

The Central Maryland Council of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) has made its picks for this year's primary elections. The council, based in Hagerstown, chose:

o 6th District Congress: Democrat Andrew Duck

o State Senate: District 1, Republican George C. Edwards; District 2, none; District 3, none

o State delegate: Subdistrict 1C, Democrat Ronald Lohr; Subdistrict 2A, Democrat Neil Becker; Subdistrict 2B, Democrat Brien J. Poffenberger; Subdistrict 2C, Democrat John P. Donoghue; Subdistrict 3B, Democrat Paul Gilligan.

The council will pick Washington County candidates in the general election, said Jon Rosenberger, the council's president.

-- Andrew Schotz

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