Deed transfers for August 2010

September 05, 2010

Deed transfers for August 2010

Mary Elizabeth Hill, 917 Kenwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Frankie Lee Jr. and Kristina A. Davis, for $170,000.

Diane Stahl, 16715 Buford Drive, Williamsport, to Denna L. Kirchner and Jeffrey L. Shank, for $205,000.

Calvin Kuate, 6605 Grason Lane, Hancock, to Adam G. and Brenda L. Clark, for $169,000.

Vincent R. Ionata, 17736 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to R & T Holdings LLC, for $135,000.

Timothy Edwin Burtner, Red Hill Road, Keedysville, to Jeffery L. Hewett Et Al, for $66,550.

Neal E. Beard, 19422 True Grace Lane, Boonsboro, to Bretta F. Snyder, for $53,076.

Claudette L. Moser, 109 Jasons Ridge, Smithsburg, to Marc F. Destefano, for $170,000.

Paul A. Ridenour, 3613 Harpers Ferry Road, Sharpsburg, to Billy J. and Joyce A. Edwards, for $240,000.

Timothy D. and Leah C. Jones, 6262Old National Pike, Boonsboro, to Eric W. and Joy A. Lester, for $479,000.


Robert W. Scott, 13524 Herman Myers Road, Hagerstown, to Jacob F. W. and Kelly C. Effland, for $190,000.

Peter E. Nash, 9919 Stephanie Lane, Hagerstown, to Aaron Lapp, for $220,000.

Ronald L. Jr. and Renia L. Talbert, 17804 Millers Sawmill Road, Sharpsburg, to Craig A. Poffenberger, for $198,000.

William F. Jr. and Edith Cooper Wiseman, 15 Whittier Heights, Hagerstown, to Joseph E. Karlick, for $140,000.

Lawrene J. Placzek, 11208 Shalom Lane, Hagerstown, to Llaya Ramanan Rajagopai and Kavitha Ransawamy for $489,000.

Edward L. and Helen Carr, 19414 Spring Valley Drive, Hagerstown, to Robert H. and Laura Rauch, for $10,000.

Edward L. and Helen Carr, 19418 Spring Valley Drive, Hagerstown, to Robert H. and Laura Rauch, for $10,000.

Johnathan Lee and Cynthia Ann Barr, 14548 Fairview Hill Lane, Clear Spring, to Robert and Ivelisse Craig, for $369,900.

William W. and Ann Marie V. Wirfs, 9930 Stephanie Lane, Hagerstown, to Homar and Veronica Alvarado, for $240,000.

Cool Ridge Corporation Inc., 11814 Patrick Road, Hagerstown, to Frederick J. III and Bernadette Marie Morin, for $193,000.

Elizabeth T. Elliott, 313 Lanafield Circle, Boonsboro, to Benjamin D. and Jessica N. Bidle, for $155,000.

Lester I. Betts, 11108 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, to Guy G. Hamersla, for $64,900.

Freedom Hill Homes LLC, 17904 Constitution Circle, Hagerstown, to James F. Jr. and Cynthia A. Hay, for $220,000.

Elmer G. Ryan Et Al, 1055 Benjamin Place, Hagerstown, to Elizabeth T. Elliott, for $130,000.

AMK Partners LLC, 21212 Winchester Drive, Hagerstown, to Eugene S. Albert Jr., for $121,000.

Westfields Investment LLC, 18410 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp, for $58,000.

Sharon L. Wiggs, 8834 Crystal Falls Drive, Boonsboro, to Dennis S. and Sherry A. Bogley, for $125,000.

Carl E. Adkins, 17454 General Lee Drive, Sharpsburg, to Jody L. Taylor and Christina C. Lilly, for $152,000.

Sue Douglas, 241 Winding Oak Drive, Hagerstown, to Larry J. and Beverly S. Cregger, for $150,000.

Todd L. and Laruie Thomas, 76 Devonshire Road, Hagerstown, to National Transfer Services LLC, for $135,000.

8486 LLC, 100 Stuart Place, Boonsboro, to Ausherman Homes Inc., for $50,000.

Cortland Manor Development LLC, 12947 Little Hayden Circle, Hagerstown, to Cheryl W. Roberson, for $185,000.

Joseph W. Geraci, Island Taylor's Landing Road, Sharpsburg, to Christopher T. Rhoten, for $7,5000.

Robert H. Rollins II, 19307 Manor Church Road, Boonsboro, to Todd D. and Robin A. Spires, for $360,000.

Roberta L. Greenwald, 19420 Portsmouth Drive, Hagerstown, to Daniel R. and Elizabeth P. Swiler, for $289,000.

Alesia D. Wiles, 35 E. Cemetery St., Funkstown, to Dennis M. Sullivan, for $117,500.

Larry D. Dove, 531 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Gary J. Nalven, for $138,000.

Edward Jones Trust Co., 12906 Fountain Head Road, Hagerstown, to Richard K. and Connie Morton, for $231,000.

Jeffrey Samuelson, 63 East Ave., Hagerstown, to Lais Anne G. Wadsworth and Kiri A. Yeisley, for $94,900.

Casandra and Greg Pedrak, 9607 Morning Dew Court, Hagerstown, to Andre and Miriam V. Ploetner, for $408,000.

Stuart M. Benner Jr., 9358 Childacrest Drive, Boonsboro, to Christopher P. and Lisa K. Nee, for $292,000.

Basil C. Grossnickle Inc., 39 S. Colonial Drive, Hagerstown, to Ellen Catlett, for $460,000.

Basil C. Grossnickle Inc., 16934 Cavalry Drive, Williamsport, to Ellen Catlett, for $460,000.

Basil C. Grossnickle Inc., 16932 Cavalry Drive, Williamsport, to Ellen Catlett, for $460,000.

Robert W. Herr, Longmeadow Road, Hagerstown, to Woodrow A. Barron, for $20,000.

Woodbridge Homes LLC, 20627 Woodbridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Matthew and Sara B. Alexander, for $305,000.

Carl M. and Ada L. Awad, 17010 Bivens Lane, Hagerstown, to Prudential Relocation Inc., for $517,500.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 9608 Afton Place, Hagerstown, to Richard A. and Janelle Cataldo, for $470,000.

Phillip C. and Michelle Gatrell, 9621 Sharpsburg Pike, Hagerstown, to Conservit Inc., for $210,000.

Matthew D. Stevens, 17353 Shepherdstown Pike, Sharpsburg, to Warren F. Ottinger, for $220,000.

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