Mail Call

September 04, 2010

"I've been a voter in Washington County for many years, and I have never seen such a filthy, dirty ad that was put in by Don Munson and his friends. I think it's just terrible. So Chris Shank, you have my vote." - Hagerstown

"I've moved to the area in a short while last year, and I've never heard about so many MRSA cases as in this area. It's time for the residents to educate themselves about MRSA, and to practice proper hygiene, as in washing their hands; no babies with soiled diapers in public swimming pools and in grocery carts." - Greencastle, Pa.

"People were sending jobs overseas before George Bush was ever the president, and that was to save money, because unions demanded so much money from people like GM and some of your other companies. So then other people got the idea that it was cheaper to get work done overseas than here. And the Democrats and Republicans have both asked President Obama to please keep the work here, because as he already knows, nobody has work, but he's sending it overseas." - Waynesboro, Pa.


"To the caller in Sharpsburg: There are bigger things to worry about; jobs, health care and more. But to disregard any living creature that is suffering is inhumane. You are one of the problems with society - uncaring and cruel. Oh, in closing, I will also become a parking lot cop, but it may take me a while to call it in, in case you are trapped in a hot vehicle." - Smithsburg

"I'm calling to thank the hardworking Williamsport Lions Club, for a great ox roast. It was good food, good fun, and a great town." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person from Jefferson who thinks by us not wanting the mosque in New York City that we want to ban the Muslim religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't want to ban the religion. I just think it's a bad place to put it. It has nothing to do with wanting to persecute Muslims. The fact is, it's a bad place to put it." - Hagerstown

"Another sham, parents tracking kids' eating habits ... costing a fortune. I guess you never traded your fish sticks for peanut butter cookies when you were a kid." - Boonsboro

"This is in reply to the Sharpsburg caller responding to the Washington County caller who was policing parking lots for animals left in cars. Hey, Sharpsburg caller, you're the one who needs to 'get a life.' Those animals depend on us to keep them safe. You say we have bigger things to worry about. Well, your 'It's all about me' mentality is why this country's in the shape it's in. It may be 'only a dog,' but a dog shows more loyalty and compassion than you." - Boonsboro

"From bad to worse is not change I can believe in." - Halfway

"Here it is the end of August, it's 90-couple degrees, and all the swimming pools are closed, because school has to start in the middle of August. It's a bummer for us old people." - Hagerstown

"This is 2010. Every city, even the little city of Funkstown, deserves to have garbage removal twice a week. They're going backward in time." - Hagerstown

"I cannot believe I just read an article where they're going to put more town houses, and it's going to take and (increase) the amount of traffic on Robinwood. ... How much traffic do you think one road can handle? ... This is ridiculous." - Smithsburg

"I just finished reading a delightful article by Dan Massey in today, Aug. 30th's newspaper, attacking Andrew Duck's letter that attacked Bartlett. What a wonderful letter. I had intended to vote for Roscoe. I will be now voting for you, Mr. Massey. Good job." - Hagerstown

"We don't want any more old career politicians. The Arizona Republicans and the tea party nominate John McCain again. I'm sorry, but this isn't my Republican Party." - Hagerstown

"I just wondered if the retailers, most of the retail stores and some of the restaurants, are aware that not everyone in this world has a computer, and yet they give you these sales receipts saying all you have to do is call in and take a survey and tell them how good your waitress was or your clerk was, and you get so much off on your next purchase. I wish they'd wake up." - Clear Spring area

"I'm calling about our government. I'm not voting for anyone who passed the health care bill that already cost me $1,400 more a year, and it isn't even supposed to start. I know one thing for sure is if the Democrats get back in there, with Reid and Pelosi with no common sense, they're going to pass the cap and trade bill and the energy bill, and the card check bill." - Hagerstown

"I went to an outing Sunday. I will not name the place where I was at. I put my food on my table - laid my pocketbook down, put my food on the table, and just turned around to get in to the table, and my pocketbook was gone. And where I don't know, but I hope they would take it to the police headquarters or somewhere and then notify me ... or go by my what's in the pocketbook and I get it back, because I really need everything that's there." - Boonsboro

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